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*Princess Diana's Boy Crop *Blake Lively's Luscious Blonde locks *Demi Moore's Shaev head for GI Jane *Grace Kelly's Slicked-back waved bob *Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Cut *Julia Roberts's Voluminous Curls *Kate Middleton's Royal Blow Dry *Madonna's Scrunchie *Marilyn monroe's "The Marilyn" *Victoria Beckham's bob
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@katieloidlei lol.. do you really need 10? Let us know if you've gotten to do it! XD
Oh, man. I love Grace Kellys hair and her look. The actresses from that era were so elegant and classy looking. Couple that with the gorgeous slinky dresses they wore. Beautiful! I love my A-line bobs (Victoria's hair), but that cut was popular before she had it. It was always called the Asian bob at my old hair salon. :D
@YinofYang I love the old hollywood glamour! it's not Victoria after all! maybe the Japanese started it? :)
@YinofYang @blairwitme Old hollywood is the best!.. How I wish stars still look that way
you forgot Lucille Ball