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What Happens When You Get Bit By A Mosquito
This video shows a mosquito stinger in action. You can see it moving around trying to find a blood vessel. I'm surprised at how flexible it is.
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Using a really powerful microscope and a mouse. Though it would look identical in a human
4 years ago·Reply
Wow, I get bit my mosquitos all the time, and I did not know this is what was happening to my body.
4 years ago·Reply
i think seeing this makes it worse
4 years ago·Reply
thanks for the close up; didnt think when it bites, it actually has to fingering for the blood vessel and takes less than a second to suck that why we feel itch after the bite?
4 years ago·Reply
I think its because histamines (allergens) in our system respond to the saliva and foreign intrusion by swelling the skin. Just like a peanut allergy (but less serious).
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