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~ Hello Melodies ♡ ~

Our lovely Mod @Helixx thought it would be a great idea for us support to highlight our favorite & least favorite performance outfits of our bebes.

This was unbelievably hard, seeing as how Eunkwang is literally walking perfection & he makes everything look so flawless (weird outfits included).

Here are my choices ♡

☆ Least Favorite ☆

~ Beep Beep Chessboard Nope outfits ~

I honestly don't know how to describe the outfit other than that above ⬆

It's precious. I am not gonna lie, but it's not the best outfit on him. I am all for loud outfits that scream unique, but this is my least favorite. . .

(He makes it look good though)

☆ Most Favorites ☆

1) When I was Your Man ~ Dress outfits.

~ Grey most definitely. Give me a Eunkwang in a grey dress shirt with pinkish hair, and I'm 100% content & Peachy.

~ Even white will make me happy.

2) Thriller ~ Red Suits.

This is my fav thriller outfit ♡♡ Love red suits as well ♡

3) WOW ~ Leather Jacket

All of the yes goes to this outfit and his hair ♡

☆ Melody Mod Squad ☆

♢ Melodies ♢

@LemonLassie Yeassss!! same! I love Eunkwang in suit outfits!
I love the grey outfits! and his concept for WOW wasn't so bad compared to the other members. So these were amazing picks
YES!!!! The Gray outfits from When I Was Your Man... They all looked amazing in those! I love how fabulous Eunkwang looks in the Wow outfit and then Ilhoon is next to him in such a head scratcher. Also, I love the cover image for this.
@MelissaGarza Yeasss! Most definitely. Those are my favorite colors on him!
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