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Heyo! My name is Anthony.

Min Yoongi is my ultimate bias and I am a bit obsessed with BTS.
V will forever be trying to ruin my bias list (I'm a Capricorn like he is ♑ and I would totally be him in this picture) but...

I will always be Suga's biggest fanboy.

I am weak for good lyrics that make you think and feel. And boy... When you add rap into the mix.... Oooo...
Suga's flow and mind are brilliant.
Though I would be his Hyung, I will always admire and respect him...
So my first card will be about Min Yoongi.
You can see and feel the emotion and soul that he puts into each song he writes.
His outlook on life is one I aspire to have.
"Fuck everyone. I'm going to be me."

I relate with him on another level.
I mean look at how sexy this guy is.
Okay just more pictures....
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So as I greatly praise fanboys...welcome to Vingle! I hope we can be friends!!!!!
@batgirl225319 the INFIRES One ! 😂😂
@Animezkpopgirl lol thanks 😁 me too!
@warning 😘yasss
@warning my bias has stayed kookie...heck I was like no I'm not gonna pick a bias...and then kookie's cover of lost stars had me go ok fine you my bias lol I held out so long lol