So... I wasn't going to do another reaction card this week. I never wanted to do one in the same day, that's for sure. (Technically it's tomorrow because it's nearly 1 am here. Ha.) But I was watching the Fire MV and I just couldn't help but think... how did the boys react when Jin came out with blonde hair? SO WHY NOT MAKE A CARD FOR IT RIGHT NOW!?

Let's go!~


"Just when I thought I couldn't get any more handsome."

(I firmly believe that Jin knew he would be slaying people left and right with this decision.)


"Not bad, but who wore it better?"

J- Hope:

"Princess Jin, Princess Jin!"

Rap Monster:

"You look good." *falls back in surprise*

(*cough* Namjin *cough* well you could also just take this as Rap Mon being clumsy because it was a shock ^^)


"Isn't this unfair?"


"I was just looking for a highlighter."


"Does this mean they'll dye mine too?"

This was so much fun, I wonder how they really reacted but this is enough to satisfy my soul for now.
Hope you enjoyed~
@Ercurrent why is yours so accurate 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
馃馃馃 * me just sitting in a corner rethinking my life and imagining what other members would look like if they were blonde. Not including the members that already have been blonde already*
I'm 100% Jin was like "I'm already handsome so this will just make that worse"
Suga though 馃槀 @kimnam94
lol kookie
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