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Hello, everyone. Welcome to chapter 7. I'm really happy that so many people are enjoying my story. I will continue to do my best to not disappoint. It looks like people are ok with updating every other day so I'll stick to that.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in {} and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 6
Word Count: 2716
Warning: May contain mild language
Rose’s POV
I spent the next little while figuring out who was who and saving their numbers in my phone. Every time I responded to one person’s text, there was a slew of new texts to respond too. Finally, I stopped texting them and turned my attention to Namjoon’s text. He didn’t respond after my last text. He was probably afraid that I was mad at him.
Me: “Let me guess, they stole your phone?”
Joonbug: “Yeah. I’m so sorry. I thought they were just teasing me when they took my phone and wouldn’t give it back. Turns out, somewhere along the way, they texted your info to their phones.”
M: “Sounds about right. I’m surprised it took as long as it did. They seem to be a little jealous for attention.”
J: “LOL! Very true. I don’t think they even noticed for a long while. I was texting you laying down outside. Yoongi-hyung snuck up behind me while I was texting you and was reading over my shoulder. I wouldn’t tell him who it was so I guess he decided to get everyone else involved.”
M: “That doesn’t seem like him, lol. I didn’t think he was that childish. And how come he didn’t know who it was if he was reading over your shoulder?”
J: “Oh...uh. I have your name saved as something else.”
M: “Why? What is it saved as?”
J: “In case someone was snooping, I didn’t want them to know it was you.”
M: “Lol. But that still doesn’t answer my other question. What is it saved as?” He didn’t respond for a minute.
M: “Is it something bad?” He responded really fast to that one.
J: “No! No! Just a little embarrassing.”
M: “As embarrassing as Joonbug?”
J: “Point taken.”
J: “Athena.”
M: “Athena? Why Athena?”
J: “You know. Like the goddess of wisdom and all that?”
M: “Lol. That’s not embarrassing. That’s sweet. Because I’m your philosophical confidante?”
J: “That, and she was supposedly quite beautiful.” I blushed at that. I must’ve taken a little longer to respond because the next text—
J: “See? I told you. It’s embarrassing.” I was in the process of responding when he sent me another text.
J: “The guys are harassing me asking why you stopped texting them and are only texting me.”
M: “Tell them that they are all texting me multiple times and altogether. It’s too much to keep up with.” Then I received a text from each of them saying “Sorry noona.”
M: “They’re cute. Were they pouting?”
J: “Most definitely, lol.”
J: “Sorry, but it looks like manager-hyung wants us to turn in early. I guess they decided to do an early practice tomorrow.”
M: “Aw, that sux. Guess I gotta go back to working, huh?”
J: “Omg, did I keep you from your work? I’m sorry! You should have told me! We already took up your morning and then I took you away for the rest of the day. I’m so sorry!” I laughed.
M: “Don’t worry! It’s fine. I was having trouble getting into it anyway. You were a welcome distraction. Plus, I don’t get to talk like this to other people. It’s nice.”
J: “:). I’m glad then. I’ll be happy to distract you any day ;).”
M: “You’re bad, lol. Now go and get some rest. I’m sure you need it. And thanks again for keeping me ‘company’.”
J: “Anytime! Good night, sweet dreams! Don’t work too hard.”
M: “Good night Namjoon-ah. Same goes to you.”
I put my phone down and smiled. It was the first time I’d had such a good time with someone without being in proximity to them. Nina walked in and sat on my legs that were laying across the couch.
Ugh! Fatso, get off. You’re gonna break my legs.” She bounced a couple times while I groaned and tried to get her off of me. She stayed put.
You still texting your boyfriend?”
He’s not my boyfriend.” I shot back.
I know, I just really wanted to be able to say that.” I rolled my eyes. “You should go out with him.”
Ugh! Knock it off. You keep trying to set me up with people.”
I know, but I can tell he really likes you. And he seems really nice, too. And he’s cute, even by my taste.”
That’s saying something. We’ve never shared the same taste in men.”
Exactly. So that means something. Anyhow, are you still texting him?” I sighed.
No. He said that he had to practice early tomorrow so they were all going to bed right now.”
Why do you sound so disappointed?”
“’Cause now I have to get back to work.”
I’m sure that’s all.” She wiggled on me.
Shut it. And get off. I need to head back up.” I managed to push her off and started getting up.
You gonna work all night again?” She asked. I could hear the concern in her voice.
Probably. You know I can’t sleep anyways so I might as well be productive with my time.”
Fine, fine. Just don’t push yourself too much. Take a break every now and to see if you can sleep for at least a little bit.
Yes, mom.” She was only a year older than me. She usually messed around, but when it came to my health, she always acted like a big sister or sometimes even a mom. Heading to the study, I realized something: the only person who didn’t text me was Yoongi. I scrolled through the messages to make sure, but there was nothing. {Huh, I thought he said he wanted to be friends. Is he mad at me? This is probably better anyway. If he’s too nice to me, I might start to like him more}.
Namjoon POV
I couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot as I put the phone down. I just laid on the bed and smiled at the ceiling. {Maybe next time we could actually talk}. It’d been a long time since a girl had made me feel like this. {If she was talking with me for this long, I wonder if she is starting to feel the same}. I could see that she liked Yoongi. She was trying to hide it, but I could see how hurt she was when Yoongi said he’d never date someone like her. {I can’t believe he said that! Even if he wasn’t interested, the way he said it sounded like she disgusted him}. I started to get angry. {Nope! He’s not going to ruin a good day. I want to go to bed thinking of her}. I started smiling again. Yoongi walked in.
“Why’re you smiling like that? You look like you’re high.”
“Nope. You’re not gonna ruin a good day. Though you did try earlier.”
“Whatever. I’m gonna grab my hat you ‘borrowed’ the other day and never bothered to return.” I waved him off and kept looking at the ceiling. He came back out of the closet a few seconds later. “You’re done texting her finally?”
I looked at him. “We have practice early tomorrow, we all need to go to bed now.”
“Not me, I’m still working on that song.”
“Of course.”
“Noona’s going to bed too?”
“No, she said she had to work too.” I must’ve been tired, for a second there it looked like Yoongi smiled. “Were you texting her too?”
“No. I deleted the text with her number.” He said boredly.
“What?” I sat up. “You’re not gonna keep being a jerk to her, are you?”
He was unfazed. “No. It’s just that, if I’m going to get her number, it’s going to be because she gave it to me, not because I took her phone when she wasn’t looking or took the number from someone else.” My cheeks flushed from embarrassment. He had seen me. I took it when I thought no one was looking. But apparently I forgot about the All-Seeing Yoongi. He always manages to see everything everyone does.
I coughed and stood up. “Don’t work too late. You still have to practice tomorrow. No making excuses about how tired you are.”
He smiled smugly. He knew that last comment had gotten to me. “I won’t make excuses. Like usual.” He walked back out. I ran my fingers through my hair. {How is it that he always manages to get the upper-hand in our arguments? You would think we’d be at least even, if not in my favor. Whatever. Let’s get everyone settled down}. I started making my way to the living room to get everyone to go to bed.
Yoongi POV
{I don’t need to steal her phone to get her number. Maybe I’ll just ask on Monday. I don’t want her to think I’m as immature as the other guys}. I frowned for a moment. {It shouldn’t matter what she thinks. But I guess I don’t like people to think I’m immature. It’s annoying how everyone thinks that I sleep all the time. They don’t realize how hard I work when the camera’s not on me. Like her. No one’s watching over her shoulder, but she’s still working hard. It’s admirable. That’s it, I admire her for her work ethic. That’s it. That’s all}. I kept telling myself that as I grabbed my stuff to start working. {It’s gonna be another long night... I wonder if she feels the same}.
Narrator POV
The boys were ready and waiting for Rose in the conference room at the company. They were really early and trying to kill time until she arrived. Today, killing time meant teasing Namjoon about Rose.
“So, Namjoon-ah, are you gonna ask her out today?” Jin asked hanging off of Namjoon’s shoulders. Namjoon tried to shrug him off.
“Knock it off, guys. It’s not like that.” Namjoon defended.
“Right...that’s why you were texting her all last night again, right?” Taehyung joined. Namjoon tried to keep from blushing. He was failing miserably.
“We’re just friends. It’s nice to talk to someone who’s actually at my intellectual level.” {If they’re gonna tease, I’m gonna tease back}.
“Ouch, hyung. Just ouch.” Jungkook feigned offense. Then they all started to turn on each other and tease everyone. They were loud and rambunctious until they heard a knock on the door. Rose came in and the boys immediately turned their attention to her. She froze, half-way through the door.
“This is suspicious. Why did you all stop talking?”
“And don’t even tell me you weren’t. I could hear you as soon as I left the elevator.” They looked at each other.
“We just missed you noona.” Taehyung came up and grabbed Rose by her shoulders, directing her towards the table.
“Don’t avoid the quest—“
“Noona, we should go to the interview site.” Namjoon cut her off. He was afraid one of the guys would actually answer her question. She frowned and then sighed.
“Fine, let’s go. You all brought the prompts right?” Heads nodded. “And practiced?” Fewer heads nodded. She laughed. “That’s what I figured. C’mon. We can practice in the van.” They made their way to the van.
“Oh!” Jin stopped them. “We need to figure out where you’re gonna sit. I completely forgot.” Rose and the boys looked at each other.
“What do you want to do?” Jungkook directed at Rose.
“Noona can sit next to me.” Jimin put his arm around Rose’s shoulder and pulled her against him. There were exclamations of disagreement.
Namjoon spoke up. “Well, Jin is in the front and I’ll probably have to keep order with whoever sits in the back. So, of the others, where do you want to sit?” Namjoon saw Rose’s eyes dart towards Yoongi for only a split second before she said, “It doesn’t matter to me. But I would probably be safest next to Jungkook. He’s too sweet to try to pull anything.” Jimin whined and the others started pushing Jungkook’s shoulder, teasing him. They finally got to the van. Jimin, Hoseok, Namjoon, and Taehyung climbed into the back seat. Rose was about to climb in in order to slide all the way down, but Yoongi pulled her back and climbed in first.
“I like the window. I can sleep better there,” he gave his excuse and Rose stepped back. She was going to let Jungkook in next when Yoongi spoke up again. “You’re gonna make her sit on the end, halfway off the seat?” The middle row was way smaller than the back. Jungkook and Rose looked at each other. Jungkook shrugged and indicated for her to go in first. Rose was very hesitant as she started to climb in next to Yoongi.
As soon as she sat down, she put her hands on her lap and stared straight ahead. {Why, God? Of all the ones for me to sit next to... Just my luck. Don’t worry though. Just pretend he’s not there}. That worked for about two seconds until Jungkook slid in. He was pushing her into Yoongi as he tried to get the most of his body in the seat. She tried to stand up to move over, but her belt got caught on the seat belt and pulled her off balance. She threw her arms out to try and catch herself. She used her free hand to untangle her belt from the seat belt. Suddenly, she heard someone clear his throat. She looked up and found that her face was within inches of Yoongi’s. She started blushing fiercely and pulled her face back.
“Hand.” Yoongi stated. Rose had a confused expression on her face. “Hand.” He jerked his head towards the seat. She looked where he was indicating and found that the hand she used to catch herself was grasping Yoongi’s thighs.
“Oh sh—“ She jerked back to try to move away and ended up hitting her head on the roof. This caused her to drop down to her knees. She grabbed the back of her head. The boys on the backseat had witnessed the whole thing and started cracking up. She looked up to glare at them and found that she ended up right in front of Yoongi—again. She scrambled back up and tried to recover some of the dignity she had just lost. {Well the hell is wrong with me today?} She thought. {Getting so flustered over something so stupid. I can’t believe I just made a huge fool out of myself. He’s either gonna think I’m a perv or an idiot}. The boys kept laughing and even Jungkook joined in. Jin made his way in at the front and Jungkook started to explain what had happened through his laughter. She noticed that Yoongi had let out a small smile. She caught his gaze and those previous thoughts left her. She joined in the laughter. They finally got settled in the car and pulled out of the parking lot. She had no idea the thoughts going through Yoongi’s head.
{Why did I even say anything? I should’ve let her keep her hand there a little bit longer. No, I definitely had to say something. The feeling her touch gave me...I don’t know what would’ve happened. I know she’s not my type. But...No. It’s just hormones. Any guy would feel the same way. It was nothing special. It was nothing special. But when her face was right in front of mine...Her lips looked so inviting}. He shook his head trying to clear the thoughts out. He looked at the window to try to distract himself with the scenery. But he found his gaze wandering to Rose’s reflection. And her lips...
Namjoon said something that made everyone laugh. Her smile was so joyful, he couldn’t look away. He saw her reflection turn towards him. He saw her smile falter as she looked at him. She looked back towards the front and her smile returned as she laughed at something someone else said. {Well, that settles that. She didn’t feel the same thing. That’s fine, it makes it easier to be just friends. No complications}. He didn’t know that the reason her smile had faltered was because she was thinking about how close his face had been to hers. That she was wondering what his lips would feel like on hers.
Okay, I hope you all enjoyed the chapter.Namjoon's got a head start on the 'friendship' part, but it looks like Yoongi is starting to like her, but is, of course, in denial. Events are in motion, I wonder how they'll turn out...
Thank you to everyone who's reading, liking, following, or asking me to tag, it's very encouraging. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome too. I'm happy that I'm almost at 6k views. Even with my first two game cards counting, I feel very elated. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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