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Even in the darkest room a small candle can be noticed because light can never be overcome by darkness. In your quest for light, know that light is always present somewhere. If you find light, don't hide it. Light is not meant to be hidden. It is meant to be shared. If you feel surrounded by darkness, remember that this darkness is already overcome by the smallest glimpse of light. If you choose to see darkness, your world will be dark to you. If you choose to see light, to accept light, to cling to light- your world will be light to you and envelop those around you. It will be inside you and it will be noticeable outside you. But if you choose to reject having light inside you, everything around you will seem void of light. Without light no color, no form, no texture, no dimension can be seen. This is called utter darkness. You can either be enslaved to utter darkness, or you can choose to perceive light and allow it to illuminate your whole being. This light will guide your steps in the darkest hour and ultimately lead you home. If you are enslaved to darkness, you will be a restless wanderer, never capable of finding a resting place for your troubled soul. Unless you choose to believe in light, you will never conquer darkness. You will always sense that your life is devoid of light, but if you do not search for it, it will be lost to you as you are lost to it. It is always there right beside you, knocking on the door of your heart- if only you choose to see it. However, the more you shut out this light, the more you will try to see what you wish to see until you see nothing at all.
@katrientjielove once again your amazing do you publish work
@katrientjielove This is so beautiful and encouraging. Very well written
Light needs something to keep it going while darkness just exists. Light travels at 300,000 KM/H (186,000 MPH) and yet darkness always reaches first. Lights...are never as powerful as darkness and no matter how much light one shines...sooner or later, the fuel runs out...and darkness takes over. Rather, embrace the darkness...be dark. Not hate the light, but realize that darkness is the start and the end...it all starts there...and ends back there. Light can illuminate, but if you can't learn to exist without light...how can you exist with it?
thank you very much!!
I love this... it's like igniting my tinder inside
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