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I was playing with Simon's hair, as he held me close to him, with one arm. His hand was rubbing my lower back, whilst resting his eyes. He really did rock my world, and was tired, but how could I sleep. It felt like a dream though, that I didn't want to end.
Simon lean towards me, and I touch my lips to his own. "Rest up, I had my schedule clear til tomorrow, so spend the day with you." I snuggled up to him, and kissed his cheek. He return the kiss, but on my forehead.
"You have no idea how long I've dreamt of having a nice moment like this." Simon smiled as he open his eyes to look at me. "I bet, since its been a while since you've date." I pouted and poked his nose, since I was feeling teased a bit.
"I was being open with you Mr. Sass." He chuckled, before pulling me closer towards him. I was almost laying on top of him now. "I know, and I'm glad I can make you that happy." I lean up on my forearms, so I can look him in the eyes.
I didn't care that my chest was exposed, just needed him to know I was being serious. "I think I might leave Royal Corp." He sat up so fast, it startled me, and made me sit up too. "Are you being serious? Are you sure?" I nodded my head at him.
"Well, yeah, its toxic ground, thanks to my mother. I really did like the idea of being my father's successor. It allow me to be close with my family, but I think I need to but a space between myself and them. I need to live for me."
I looked up at him, and saw that big cheesy smile. "How about staying here in Soeul, with me. You know as a permanent thing." I blinked at him, and used his phone to pull up his calendar. I held his phone in front of him as he sighed.
"It was just an idea, and I know its a big step, only been dating for a day or two. Its just, I wanted to suggest something helpful." I tackle hugged him, and lock lips with him. Simon's arms wrap around my waist, after he slap my booty once.
I yelped in pain, but smiled down at him after breaking the kiss. "I see you're getting comfortable with me finally." I rubbed his chest a bit, whilst looking away shyly. "I am glad you're comfortable with me. That's all I want at the moment. For us to be together comfortably."
Simon's track with Seonghwa pooped in my head as I just started singing the hock a bit. "Yah, are you singing my song?" I giggled softly as he lean up a bit to crush our lips together.

*****Next Morning*****

I had used Simon's phone to hit up Jay, so I could get my phone back. He said he would come by when he could. So while I waited for Jay, I made Simon breakfast. A firm pair of arms wrap around my waist, as a set of lips brush against my cheek lightly.
"I really do love it when you cook now. You use all the stuff my mother brings too." He nuzzle up his nose against the nape of my neck, giving me chills. "I hat that I have to work today. I rather be here with you."
He spoke softly near my hear, making me smile. "Not allow, this is your dream, no slacking or else I will kick your ass." He chuckle, before kissing my cheek re-quick. "Alright alright, but can you make this to schedule is in an hour."
I nodded my head as I found his containers. There was a banging on the door, which got my attention. Simon and I looked at each other, before the next bang. "I know I'm expecting Jay, but would he really knock like that?"
Simon shook his head, as he slowly walked over to the door. Simon came run over to the kitchen and turn off the stove. He then pulled me to his bedroom to hide. I looked up at him, and put two and two together.
It wasn't Jay, but my family company's security team. Jay was blowing up Simon's phone, with warning texts about the ambush. Now I was most definitely pissed off by this event.
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