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i promised to keep on updating so i will for fill that promise WARNING : includes sad feels and talking about self harm
what your wearing and what he was wearing Now lets begin
We were still in the same position for a while and there was a time when i thought Jungkook fell asleep but he didn't. I was still worried about the bruises that's he has so i took a deep breath and asked him well sort of told him. "Jungkook please don't get mad but please tell me about the brusies that you have, and why didn't you want me to know?" *He just sighed* *He pulled back with his head still down* *I lifted his chin up so we were eye to eye* "Hey please te'll me" "Okay, for the past few days i've have just been out of it I really dont know but when i went to this bar , I had a couple of drinks and saw all these couples here and there and i was just sick of it, and sort of yelled at this one guy who was being a Jackass towards his girlfriend and one thing led to another we got into a fight in an alley. I had no chance with this guy he was way bigger then me so yes I got the beathing of a lifetime. Yes I regret going to that bar but i couldn't think of anything else to do for me to get my mind off you". *I got off of him but still sitting on my legs just shocked*
*Sorry that I couldn't find a better example or picture*
You really didn't know how to handle this but then you remebered that he sort of have a history of self harming at times when he's depressed, if you were depressed for these couple of weeks then jungkook would have been too!!. *you stapped back to reality and YELLED* "JUNGKOOK SHOW ME YOUR ARMS" *Jungkook shaked his head and stood up turning around to not face you* *You know Jungkook knew what you were talking about Just by the look in his eyes as soon as you demanded him to show his arms to you* *You standed up and walked in Front of him and yelled* "NOW !!!!!!!" "why do you want to see so you can judge me and tell me that I'm better then this and that to never to it again well You know what we have been through this so many times when we were little but this time it's diffrent because I didnt know what to do because the only person that i could go to was you and i couldnt do that. I told you before that I'm so hurt for all the things I have been feeling but honestly if i knew that you felt the same way I would have never done it but i really didn't have a choice because I hated myself so bad!!!!". *after he said that he took of his sweater and shirt and showed his scars* You just stood there with no words to say that will make him feel better about himself at that moment. *with light tears in your eyes you looked down at his arms and walked towards him a little, you then brushed your fingers over his scars and noticed that there were more cuts then ever and they were even deeper from last time he has done it* " oppa I know that there really isn't anything else to say that will make you feel better at this moment *Jungkook nodded in agreement* "so I'm not going to say anything" *you left Jungkook with a confused face and went to the bathroom to grab the banages, you went back to him and toom his hand and both of you headed towards your bedroom* You brought him to your bed and he sat down with his arms on his legs. He watched how you grabbed what you needed and started to wrap his arms with banages. After you were done you putted everything back and grabbed him some water and iprofeen because you knew that his arms were probably throbing from the cuts. You then set the cup down on the nightstand and pushed Jungkook against the headbord so that his back was leaning against and you sat next to him with a blanket covering both of you. *you had so many things going through your mind that you didnt know what to do but there was been something that you have been thinking, dreaming, wanting was to feel his lips against your once again but just more* you then took a deep breath and sat on his lap so you were facing him your hands were on his slightly toned stomach that sent chills down his body you guys didn't break eye contact untill you leaned in to kiss him he kissed back when you felt him to start to move away from you. Thats when you put your hand around his neck *the kissing became deeper and a little sloppy but you had to pull back for some air* you heard Jungkook whisper " (Y/N) are you sure you want to go further with this?* he asked with desire in his eyes.......
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