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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing part 8 of this series. I hope you all are enjoying this collection and thanks for your support! I love reading yall funny comments so please continue to comment and tag your peeps if you want.

Yall know the drill

Thanks for all your support mis amgios. Well the rule is the same. If this part get at least 10 likes I will continue with the series.

Mature Content



You close the door and walk into your office room across the hallway from your bedroom. You lock the door. You sit the box wrapped in fancy red wrapping on your office desk and bit your lip. What the fuck is this? Why is there no name on it. You take a deep breath and slowly unwrap the box. Your eyes widen when you see old pictures of you when you were forced to be a stripper and pictures of you and Jimin and a few with the rest of the BTS Crew. There were some dead roses, old ass condoms, and an old teddy bear that was moldy. There was an odd note in the box. Nasty ass bitch we know about you. Pay what you owe. If you don't act like a good girl the media would love these. You gasp and shut the box. The smell was horrible. You couldn't let whoever spread this shit around the media. You and Jimin's relationship was private for a number of reasons. One for your safety. Two for the safety of Jimin's career. Three you just don't want ppl up in yall shit. Plus for the safety of the other guys career. You go from be worried, shocked, disgusted to being pissed. It was one thing to harass you but another to go after the ppl you loved. You knew you had to talk to your girl Maranda about this and touch base with that Dong-Hoon guy Yoongi was talking about. Maybe he was this nasty bastard sending you this stuff or maybe he could help lead you to whoever this person. Suddenly, Jimin begins calling you. He walks up to the door to find it was locked. "Baby breakfast is ready. Why is this door locked?" Jimin says while banging on the door. You quickly throw the box under your desk and put in a sexy smile. You open the door. "Oh no reason honey just a habit." You jump on his back and you all go to eat. You were happy that you weren't sore after making love to Jimin for the first time. He knew what he was doing and he loved you so he took his time. That day you all went through a whole box of condoms. Jin was calling you too rabbits, but yall didn't mind. Before he left yall made love one more time at his place. It was wonderful and Namjoon complained about how loud you were. You tried not to cry as you watched the guys leave the apartment off to the airport. However, this time they wouldn't be gone long maybe 3 weeks the most. This would give you time to get in touch with Maranda and play detective.
You and Maranda meet up at a bar. You needed a drink and you heard the dumplings were to die for at this bar called "Wang Yong." You order your drinks and catch up. Maranda was still pretty as always and funny. You were shocked that she didn't have a boyfriend. You thought she would be perfect for sweet Jungkook. But you would bring that up another day. "I thought you would die a virgin!" She laughed while playfully hitting you. "Shut girl. I wasn't that up tight. Plus we love each other." You say while thinking of Jimin. "No you weren't uptight. They didn't call you the wild child for nothing." She replied. You all randomly chat until the food arrives. Then you talk business. She said she got a stupid box too, but she got her box this morning. You told her about the Dong-Hoon guy. She said she knew of that name and she texted him right there and then. She said she heard he actually was an okay guy and he knew everything that the streets were talking about. He was on his way to meet the girls at the restaurant. After a few more drinks Dong-Hoon stops by. You all describe the issue to him. He listens while ordering a drink. He was a tall pale guy. He was half Korean and half French. He used the code word circus for the human trafficking ring. "Word on the street is yall ran away. Something about yall out smarted the guy running the whole circus. Hansol was the man in charge. He is super pissed about it since yall were bringing in mad cash. He's looking for yall." Dong says. "Are you sure? It's been at least 4 years since then. Can't we live?" You says while trying not to have flashbacks. "Yeah why can't he just let it go and move the fuck on. It ain't like we stole from him." Maranda said. "Well according to the code of the circus you all did steal from him. Yall were his property and his income, so by running away with yall lives you stole from his home. Sick notion but that how it goes. Those boxes were a warning and if yall remember Hansol he don't play." Dong finishes his drink and orders another. You were super pissed. How would you two fix this? Jimin texted you. Baby we are here. Are you okay? You text back quickly so he don't have security looking for you like last time. Awe baby I'm glad you all made it safely. I miss you so much. I'm fine just out with an old friend. He texts back. I'm super tired but I miss you. I promise to fuck you right when I get home. I love you kitten. You smile. That text made you forget your situation for a while. Papi Chulo rest well! Yasss I can't wait to ride that baby. I love you too. "Well I don't what to do. He threaten to kill me." Maranda said. "I don't even know if I want to go back home." "You can stay with me until you feel safe. I got you girl." You give her a hug. "Well it's my time to go, but I would say lay low until otherwise. Hansol has eyes and ears everywhere." Dong gets up to leave. You and Maranda thank him and you both wait outside for a taxi ride. "Imma need clothes and stuff." Maranda says. "Okay. We can stop by and get your things and then go to my place. Let's binge on anime and Kdramas!" You squeal. You were super excited it has been a while since you hung out with anyone besides the guys. You missed Maranda and considered her a sister. "Fine but I wanna catch up on Love N Hip-hop though." Maranda says. The taxi arrives and we get in. You begin to think about Jimin again. You missed him already. You ran your hands on his shirt that you were wearing. You wished it was him.
Jimin's POV Ah it's so hard to be here without my kitten. I can't believe she loves me like she does. I need her everyday. She will be my wife I know it. I know I gotta work but I wish I could stop time and just be with her longer. She thinks I didn't notice her weird behavior that morning I made breakfast. I wonder what was up with that. Why was the door locked? She said it was habit but she hasn't been like that for a while. What was that funky smell like mold? Well we will talk about it later. I love her. I just hate it when she keeps secrets. Anyways I miss her touch and that sweet ass. I can't wait to see my kitten once this event is finished. He closes his eyes and drift to sleep. Kitten I need you.... ➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡
You look up and notice the taxi driver was taking an odd route. Maranda was drifting off to sleep. You shake her up. "What the fuck is going on?" "This isn't the way to my place." Maranda says. You beat on the window separating you all and the taxi driver. You yell at him. "What the fuck bro? This is not the way! We are not paying you extra! Turn around!" The guy laughs. "This is not fucking funny asshole!" You yell. "Wild Child and little Vixen" the driver says in a deep tone. The voice sounds so familiar to you. Once you realized who it was your heart drops and a tear drops from your eye. Jimin I need you.....

Wow that was some drama....until next time peeps! jajajajajajaja

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poor jimin he has no idea of what is going on he needs to know something so he could protect her
And the under statement of the year goes to *drum roll* @amobigbang 👏👏👏
Jajajajaja not funny 😢 Be quicker updating these please!!! Don't worry about other cards just focus on this one 😍
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