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Nourish yourself with one of these Balance Bowls! 1. Start with your choice of granola —> HTTP://WWW.ZAINSARASWATIJAMAL.COM/2012/06/12/ZAINS-THE-BEST-GRANOLA-I-HAVE-EVER-MADE-IN-MY-LIFE-REICPE-5-DIFFERENT-FLAVOURS/ 2. Next add your choice of nut milk I love homemade cashew milk, get my recipe here —> HTTP://EVEPOSTAPPLE.TUMBLR.COM/POST/54191143554/ZAINS-HOMEMADE-CASHEW-MILK-MAKING-YOUR-OWN 3. Then add your choice of fresh fruit 4. Followed by some healthy fat, according to your daily intake (which is different for each person). My favourites include: nut butter, chia seeds, flaxseeds, raw nuts, hemp, fresh coconut, avocado or raw oil 5. You may choose to add a raw vegan protein of your choice, I use @Sunwarrior 6. Lastly, sweeten/spice to taste (optional) some of my faves are vanilla bean, cinnamon, fresh ginger, vanilla creme stevia, raw manuka honey, or maple syrup
What is a balance bowlll??? I'm not really familiar with balanced bowlsss but may i know the name of this dish?? because it doesn't say in the titleeeee!! :D
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@divalycious Those berries, are those blueberries?
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