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so I've had acne since puberty though I can say thanks to a great birth control I didn't have bad acne until I went of it my last year of college... learning skin care at that stage in life is expensive and stressful... I've also moved to different states and gotten married and divorced so you could say my life hasn't really helped my face at all... so besides cutting soda and drinking more water here are some products that helped me.
This elizavecca pore cleanser was a gift from the gods above... I purchased this bottle a few months after my divorce started (technically it's not over) when I wasn't just struggling with cysts from hormones but stress acne as well... pretty much immediately the hormonal acne went away... I have not had hormonal cysts since I started using this product... I will say that I tried to foam it before washing my face for a few weeks and learned that it works the best with the instructions it comes with... which is to put it on a dry face first (take off your makeup with a wipe).. I only use this at night because it's pretty harsh and I have dry patches on my skin normally. I might make a card about my morning face wash if I can find one I love just as much...
Next are these two exfoliating products... I cannot use microbeads to exfoliate because they are too rough and result in more acne... The first product is the carbonated bubble clay mask that isn't solely for exfoliation but it does do some... this product is a savior for small bumpy patches where you produce a lot of oil... it sucks it all up leaving smooth bright skin behind... I use this twice a week, mainly on my forehead and chin. The other product I use in my dryer areas or when I want a deep exfoliation once a week. This is a chemical peel with natural ingredients that you rub on your face and the dead skin literally comes off in bulk... its a little gross tbh. I love using this on my neck the most and on my cheeks and nose. Not recommended but it can help loosen up stubborn scabs so if you want a scab to stay put work around it.
Lastly I was hesitant to put this product up in my favorites... its expensive and feels wonderful but it has not really done much for my acne... it has decreased the look of blackheads and does help with fine lines ... I just sent my sister cosrx pore minish serum which is less expensive so if she as good results I may switch since it is less expensive.... I wish I had a toner to put up here but sorry to say i haven't found a good toner for my acne yet... I do adore innisfree green tea toner since it moisturizes my face and sort of helps balance red spots it just doesn't help with acne so right now I use the Dickinson's witch hazel toner once a day because it's too drying for my face... I should be getting a few new toners within the next few weeks... one from cosrx and one from benton. I'll make a card if I receive anymore miracle products.
ok that's it for now... I was using lots of face masks for a bit but I'll be purchasing only certain brands and types for now on... the unfortunate thing for me was that one mask would work great and the next day with the next mask it would actually cause a breakout... so I had to quit randomly masking... the last bit of advice is to find good makeup... I used Neutrogena anti acne makeup even though it's not long lasting or full coverage I believed it would help me but there are a lot of brands that don't have anti acne claims that will not make you break out... you just have to find it... which is why I currently have 4 different type of liquid foundation lol. hint I really like Maybelline pore less so far but Loreal has a better skin match for pink tones...