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Reach for this thirst quencher!! Health Benefits of Delicious Watermelon: ⭐ high in lycopene carotenoid excellent for cardiovascular health ⭐ contains citrulline amino acid which improves blood flow to muscles & is great for vegans who can benefit from additional aminos ⭐prevents excess accumulation of fat tissue and fat cells in your body ⭐loaded with anti-aging enzymes ⭐antioxidant & nutrient rich ⭐high in vitamin C ⭐hydrates the body and replenishes electrolytes
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Watermelon is too expensive in Korea ㅠㅠ 30 bucks for one!!!!!
4 years ago·Reply
@JohnLee really? why is it so expensive? in the states its only $4 for one...
4 years ago·Reply
@divalycious now i know what watermelon can give us, what i know is just a good for dieting as my teacher says haha, thanks for sharing!:) love it:)
4 years ago·Reply
wow, great information, thanks for posting
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