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Getting Out Of Your Own Way Meditation If I were to ask you who you really are, what would you say? How do you define yourself to people? How do you define yourself to yourself? Have you ever thought about it? Now let me ask you this: Who do you want to be? I’m not talking of the superficial here, I’m talking to that beautiful, divine being inside of you who is tired of holding up walls, who wants to shine and express her uniqueness and depth to the world, who wants to forgive herself, who wants to embrace her imperfections, who craves human communication, who wants to trust her gut, and who wants to be completely and unconditionally loved by someone. I THINK DEEP DOWN, EACH OF US KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL INSIDE OF US NO MATTER HOW BADLY DAMAGED OUR SPIRITS ARE. INTEND TO GET BACK TO THIS AT ALL COSTS. Some of us refuse to accept how amazing we are. Some of us feel sparks of it but are afraid to act upon it for fear of failure. And some of us, step out into the light courageously, bearing all and then doubt our own capabilities or embody the judgement and insecurities that others project upon us. So how do we move past our own heads and become our true selves? How do we intuitively guide ourselves past the bull*&^% back to our own sense of strength and power? Well, it is a process for sure but this simple meditation has helped me move deeply into embracing who I truly am because it gives me the opportunity to be the watcher of my thoughts. 1. Sit in a comfortable place with your sits bones grounded and lengthen your spine. Bring your fingertips and thumb to touch creating a circle with your hands and hold this circle on your belly (wherever you feel is most energetically speaking to you). 2. Focus on your inhale and exhale until your mind quiets down. 3. Bring to mind something that you have been holding onto that is blocking you from revealing your beautiful, powerful, divine self to the world…something you are afraid to let go of but you know is no longer serving you energetically. 4. Feel where this hold is gripping you in your body, breath into the grip. 5. Focus on the energy of your belly behind the circle and feel the power of your inner strength. This is your guiding light. 6. Bring this energy up to the space where you feel the grip and allow your strength to help you release this tension. 7. Envision it leaving your body and allow your inner strength to coarse up and down your body from your root chakra to your sacrum, through your chakras to the top of your skull. 8. As you release, feel the power at the center of your core, your third chakra. The colour should be yellow and if it is dull, breathe into it and envision the colour getting brighter and richer with each breath. This is your power center so continue to nurture it with love and light as you breathe. 8. Breath and rest for a few moments before carrying on with your day. You may notice surges of power and intention come up for you during your day or throughout the next few weeks. Listen and trust as your body guides you on what to do. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES STANDING IN OUR WAY, LET’S FIGURE OUT WHO WE ARE AND HOW OUR UNIQUE GIFT CAN MAKE AN IMPACT ON THE WORLD. THE WORLD NEEDS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US TO STEP UP.