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Chapter 27
~ 3 years Later~ I was playing soccer wih a group of my school mates. The ball was kick out of field and went bouncing off another guy head. I ran to him and helped him up. "Hey man you alright?" pulling him to his feet. I caught a glance of a unicorn necklace hanging around his neck. It looked similar to my necklace. "Yeah. No bruise or cuts. I'm Yixing but you can call me Lay." He held out his hand towards me. "Luhan" I shook his hand but then the sky started to turn grey and everything seem to freeze. Five smokey shadows came crashing down to the ground. All dressed in black and a tattoo on their neck, I knew that they were Xerusian. "Shit!" I mumbled under my breathe. I really didn't want to deal with them today. "What's your power?" The Lay guy asked. I thought he was frozen like everyone else but he was like me. "Telekinesis and yours?" "Healing, my power doesn't really come in handy until someone is injured." I nod. "But that doesn't mean I can't kick some ass" "Well what are we waiting for." We both got in a fighting stance. They took out their weapons and attacked us. I used my telekinesis to pick up things that could knock out these guys. Lay seemed to being doing fine with his fighting skills. He somehow managed to get a weapon from them and started killing them one by one. I shot a tree branch at the guy I was fighting with. It went through his chest and he turned to ashes. Time unfroze and we looked at each other. "Lets go, I think we have alot of explaining to do from the both of us." I told Lay. I ran back to my mates and told them that something urgent happened and I needed to go. I unlocked my car with the remote control and hoped in the driver side as Lay got in the passenger. I quickly pulled out of the parking lot and onto the city streets. "How?" I asked him. "How what?" "How can you be from the same planet as me and have the same necklace but different?" I questioned. "Well we could be brothers. I am looking for a person named.... You its you!!! Im looking for you Luhan!!! Your one of my older brother!!" He got excited. It actually clicked on how he knew who the Xerusian are and the necklace almost being the same. "Suho is gona be happy. We have to get to our main house soon." He said. "Main house, what?" "Suho, one of your young brothers has a house for all of us to live in. We are goning to use that to train and live." "Okay so where is it?" "Where's what?" I looked at him like he grew another head and sighed. "The main house Lay" "Oh I forgot" he said. I mentally slapped my head. How could he so forgetful. "Well call Suho and ask him where it is again." I suggested to him. "Great idea!!! Let me call him!!" He took out a phone and dialed a number.   While he was talking on the phone, I pulled up in the drive way. I turned the car off and unbuckled the seat belt. Lay was already out as he puts his phone in the pocket. He followed me inside where I was greeted by my dad. "Hey Lu, who's this?" "Hello sir, I'm Lay. Luhan's long lost brother" Lay said as my father looked at me with wide eyes. He didn't think it would happen this fast but it did. We were all quiet when my dad cleared his throat. "So what now?" He asked. He seemed like he didn't want me to leave but he knew that I had too. "Luhan and I have to leave for the main house soon." Lay explained. "Which we should be leaving soon" I nod and stood up. I rushed to my room, where I pulled out a packing bag for now. I stuffed clothes and the things that I would need. After going back down, I hugged my dad and told him to keep in contact as I'm away. We waved goodbye and got in a taxi which I'm sure Lay called for one. It was a silent ride as we pulled up to a airport. Once we were in the air, I felt sick. "Hey you okay?" Lay asked me as I shook my head. "I feel like im gonna be sick" I said. I felt a fuzzy tingling going through my body. I to see Lay sending healing waves through my body. It was working a little bit but I was still feeling sick. "We won't be long on the plane but I'll try my best to keep you from getting sick." He said to me as I nod. It was hours when we finally landed. We landed in Seoul, South Korea. "Suho's and my parents are from our home planet but they bought us a house for us and our other siblings. Its going to be our main house." Lay explained to me. He seemed surprised that he could remember it. We walked to a car and got in. We dove until we pulled into a wooden area away from the city. It was a mansion size house with probably more bedroom then you could count. There was the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, game room, training room, a pool in the back yard. I awed the place. I was amazed by how everything looked. "Home sweet home. We should get comfortable while we wait for the others. I went to pick out my room. After setting everything up, I fell asleep.
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