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Simon was holding me tightly, as he looked at the close door. I had to admit, it was nice having someone that was to protect me from chaos. But I was raise and trained to manage chaos. I gently turn his head so he was looking at me, and softly kissed his lips.
"Sorry, but its time I face the music." There was a sadness in his eyes, but he nodded in head, saying he understood. Simon lightly kissed my forehead, before I went to open the door. Was so glad at that moment Simon's sweat pants, and t-shirt fit me.
The moment I open the door I caught the fist that was about knock on my face. I gripped down tightly while pushing down on a pressure point. The owner cry out in pain and drop down to one knee.
"Seriously? Knock like a normal person. This is not my house, so show respect to the owner." The other two men, just stood there blinking, whilst I let go of the third man's fist. "Our apologizes, but we were to bring you to Royal Corp."
I rolled my eyes, since I had already known I was being summon. "I was already planning to come in. I though I train you all better." They looked at each other, as one sighed. "Sorry Miss Ryan, our orders came for you mother. The second one of the Techs noticed your phone was on the move, we were sent."
I wave them off and sighed heavily. "Did any of you even try to tell her, that if I'm off grid, I will come to her on my own? Instead of banging on a total stranger's door like you're gonna break it down." I glared at the one I hurt before, and he froze in fear.
"We tried and he's new." I raised an eyebrow, before stepping over to the guy that bang on the door. "I knew I didn't recognize you." I sucker punch him across the jaw, and kicked him in the stomach. So he would fall on his ass while holding his face.
"Ask these too.. I've done worse to them, the first day of meeting me." I smirked, as I high five the other two. "Take him out of here, I'll come on my own, I just need to change." They nodded as I went back into the apartment, and close the door behind me.
Simon was standing there with his arms cross against his chest. "So my girlfriend is a bully?" I stuck my tongue out at him, making him lightly laughed. "I do that to all the newbies. Only if they think their big and bad."
Simon nodded his head as he smiled warmly. There was a knock on the door, and this time Simon went to open it. Jay came into the apartment, and walked over to give me a big hug. "Lala, I've missed you. Hope everything is okay."
I snuggled up to him, getting a small laugh from him. "Thank you Jay, for being the world's best big brother. It makes up for not having my real one here." He petted my head, as I noticed he remain silent. I back away and patted him down to find my own.
He laugh, since I was tickling him a bit, only to hold out my phone to me. He had it in his hand this whole time, making me smile warmly. "Thank you." I went to take it from him, when he held it above my head. "I must tell you something first."
I blinked at him, after had jump a bit to get it. "Your older brother is actually here." I froze this time as I noticed there was another man behind Simon. He was a bit more taller than Simon, with styled black hair, and wearing jeans with the Royal Corp hoody.
I felt my eyes starting to tear up, the moment I spotted him. "LANCE!" I ran straight into my smiling brother's arm. He chuckled, whilst picking me up an spinning me around.
"Hey baby Sis, so glad to see you found stable ground here in Korea." He set me down, and fixed my hair, as I refuse to let him go. "Miss me that much?" I nodded my head vigorously, making me chuckle again.
"I miss you too... Though I was hurt when I called you and Jay Park answered." I turn to glare at Jay, as he held up his hands defense. "It was the sibling you got along with, am I really going to not answer?" I blew Jay a kiss at my way of saying thank you.
He grinned, as I noticed Simon got pouty. "Oh yeah, Lance come meet my boyfriend." Lance had glance at Jay before looking over at Simon. I had moved from my brother's arms to Simon's arm. "Lance this is Simon..." I looked at Simon, as he kissed my head.
I sighed heavily as my entire being relax. I was surrounded by three men that I knew that only want the best for me. "Oh so you're the one Jay told me about. He wasn't kidding though, you really do have a grasp on her heart." I smiled when I looked over at Lance.
He winked at me, before holding up a backpack. "I brought you a change of clothes." I left Simon's embrace to skip over to the bag. "Thank you, Lance. Always looking out for me." I peck his lips before going into the bedroom to get dressed.
I heard the three of them talking, but couldn't make out the words, as I changed into jeans, and one of my solid black t-shirt, and leather jacket. I came out of the room, tying up my hair, and putting my bag with my dirty clothes on the couch.
Simon took hold of my hand the moment he could. "So sis, what you gonna do when you go to face mom?" Lance asked me as I rest my head on my Simon's arm. "I'm gonna leave the company. As long as she the CEO that company is too toxic for me to stay."
Lance looked shocked, but was smiling with pride. "You know if you really want to stay, just come be my bodyguard... the girls lately are getting more crazy. I'll have you as my private security, where I pay not mom." I softly laughed while shaking my head lightly.
"I'll only come back, when Sara becomes the CEO... That is if she wants me back." Lance arch an eyebrow, to show that he doubted our sister wouldn't want me to be the head of security. "If its work you're concern about, You got a job with AOMG."
Jay spoke, as I glance up at Simon. "Its the reason why we're Co-CEO's ...we think alike." Jay looked confused after Simon answered my mental question. "Oh I get it, Simon already offer you the job." I stuck my tongue out at Jay, before grinning from ear to ear.
"Well if this is what you want, its only best I go with you. As well as warn dad, that we're coming." I nodded in agreement, before picking the backpack back up. "I'll text you went I'm done. The food all cook, just needs to be put in a container."
Simon nodded, before we both kissed. I got my phone back from Jay and gave him a big hug. "Thank you for everything." I whisper softly so only Jay hear him. He softly kissed my head as well, before I left Simon's apartment with Lance.
My brother waved by as well, before we left. Once we got to the car he was driving, He took my backpack and threw it in the back. I was about to get in the passenger seat, when someone grabbed my arm and pin it against me back. "LAVI!"
I was slammed into the car door, and saw them use a chloroform cloth on my brother to make him black out. "LANCE!" The cloth found me next, as I try to break free. I had failing, as I noticed an unconscious Jay and Simon being carried over to a van with my brother.
Wasn't long before I join them in being unconscious, knowing full well these thugs were taking me as well. My mind was scream to wake up, that I had to protect Simon Jay and Lance. While praying that is wasn't my mother's doing.
This involved on of the children she actually show love towards. My mind kept screaming my middle name though. Its way of saying danger, and that I needed to wake up. I needed to save the guys. I needed to save myself. Who knows what was gonna happen to us.
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