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I found this game on IG, credit to its owner..and I said oh cool lets play it o Vingle LOL!.. OK So. and is GOT7 only. IF you guys decide to play it I will ask you to please refer to this original card as I started the game.. and tag me so I can admire your cards and look at your answers..
#2 I know is hard to understand but my current BIAS are actually these two.. I CAN'T SEPARATE THEM I LOVE THEM BOTH THE SAME RIGHT NOW!! LOL!! MARKSON FOREVEEEEER!!❤❤❤
#3 My Bias Wrecker JB-Aaaah!!❤❤❤ I am in love with this man..hahaha..
#5 Favorite Vocalist JB-aaah!!!❤❤❤ LOVE LOVE LOVE HIS VOICE!!!
#6 Favorite Rapper IS JACKSON!!!❤❤❤
#7 is hard because I like them all Dancing so I am just going to say all of them and this is one of my favorite dance they do .. in here the space in the middle was left empty for the Leader when he was on therapy for his back..
# 8 favorite song...WELL I like lots of songs... like.. I have too many favorite from GOT7..but my all time favorite is. FOREVER YOUNG ❤❤
#9 Favorite Choreo... Well I already said what was my favorite dance right so Now I will just give you the video not gifs so you can see what I am talking about and.. I also love the song..

"This Love"

#10 Favorite MV.. well I like quite a few but ..I will go with the one I like the most GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS❤❤❤
# 11 Favorite Era another hard one.. cause I like all of them but I will have to go with FLY ERA.. because of all the achievements they had accomplished on this ERA.❤❤
#12 & 13 when you became an IGOT7 and how. 2 years ago..watching a Show..on DRAMAFEVER .. " Song For You"
#13 Where you from!?

Iam from NY!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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@SatinSkies @EmilyGardner I'll waiting to see your fabulous cards!! LOL!!
@luna1171 Busy with work 😅😅 and out of town at a wedding 😭😭😭 But ill put up my card tomorrow!!!
@SusiBosshammer Of course!! please..I missed you where you been ??🤔🤔
dang I been so busy i barely got to see this lol can i still do it? 😅😅👌
this does seem fun!
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