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VIXX is making another comeback?!?! And on my baby sister's birthday?! Omg you guys I can't handle this!!!!! Like I'm not ready. The month of August is going to kill me with all that's about to go down y'all and I just can't stop freaking out!!!!!
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I thought July was bad but August is worse. I can't wait for their comeback! ❀
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IKR!!!! I just keep thinking that Hades is the God of the underworld so you just know this is gonna be amazing 😭😭😭😭 I'm scared, not ready, but entirely excited for the 12th
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I can't hardly wait!!!!
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I'm so excited toooo. August is going to slay me also. @MelissaGarza I agree... July was rough too...
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@MandyNoona not only is August gonna slay me, it's gonna tear me limb from limb. Lol. I can't control my feels for nothing!
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