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A/N: Okay so I don't really know if this counts as angst but I'll just add this to my short BTS Angst series who do you guys think the next member will be? I'll leave the ending to your imagination <3
"Let's break up." I looked up at Namjoon. God no please,"Wh-What do you mean?" I knew what he meant I just didn't want to know what he meant. I didn't want to accept this was happening. He let out a deep sigh,"Y/N enough with the bullshit you know what I'm talking about." I took a sip from the coffee infront of me. "Why? I can do better Namjoon...please don't leave me..." He scoffed,"This is exactly why you are so clingy. Always calling always asking for attention. I have a life Y/N and I don't think you should be in it anymore..." I stayed seated stunned by his words as he left the cafe. I started crying hearing his words over and over again. I left the cafe not long after. I was on my way to my apartment when out of nowhere I hear a honk and a blinding light racing towards me.
I paced back to the cafe. I couldn't do it. I love Y/N and I can't leave her. I love her more than the music I write and if leaving BTS would keep her safe from the fans I would do it. I just can't ever lose her. She's the reason I started doing music. I just can't lose her. I waited for the light to turn green giving me the go to walk but from across the street I saw her. She was crying but she continued walking. "Y/N!!!" Before I knew it she was hit by an oncoming car. I ran towards her as I called an ambulance. I tried to stop the bleeding by applying pressure but it didn't seem to be working."Please Y/N come back to me...I didn't mean it I still love you. I never stopped loving you. In fact I have fallen deeper and deeper for you every day so please..." The ambulance then took her to the nearest hospital as I waited outside of the operating room.
I frantically paced back and forth when the doctor finally came out."She's stable. We have already transferred her to the ICU." I ran to her room and when I got there I was already out of breathe."Y/N..." I saw her face filled with scratches and my heart ached,"I shouldn't have said those things to you...I love you so please wake up..."
It's been a year since she had gotten into the accident but she hasn't showed any signs of waking up. I guess this was my punishment for choosing my career over her but I promise that I will cherish her for as long as she lives so please. If there is a god out there save her from this. I will be by her side forever if she wanted me to be. I will leave her if that's what she wanted please just let her be okay. "Y/N...Please wake up..." My heart ached as I watched her attached to all these machines and the scars on her face already faded but she still hasn't woken up. I held her hand as I slowly dozed off. Please wake up.

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