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I love Nu'Est but is it just me or is it that their Label company Pledis Entertainment neglected them?
Why can't a different label take them?
I agree.... Nu'est is one of my fave groups and it's such a shame that the company doesn't put forth the effort to promote them and give them more opportunities to gain popularity. Their identifier is Ren, the androgynous beauty (I'm not complaining. I ♥Ren.).... but they're so much more than that. They're incredible vocalists and they put out such great music but I hardly ever see them get to showcase it. It's such a waste for them to fly under the radar due to bad promotion.
I've never been happy with the way Pledis has been to Nuest. I love this group! And I fully believe that they could be so much more popular if the company had done there part of the work. I honestly think it would benefit Nuest if they could somehow switch companies. There so talented!!!
I do love every song I've heard by them. I feel like I never hear about them and it is sad. You tube promotes them better via automatic play than their own company.
I totally agree! Why won't Pledis do the right thing and let them promote more in Korea and internationally besides Japan? I love the group and they get treated like that? It's not right! If they could, I would want them to switch companies and go to one that will treat our boys right.