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Art by heartlesslink

They're in perfect sync,

Art by gone-phishing

Even though they're pissed at each other most of the time,

Art by leshley3093

He makes her smile,

Art by z-raid

She makes him laugh,

Source - Wattpad

He's protective,

Art by aplbunny

She hurts for him,

Art by The-DeathAngel

She's the only one he turns to,

Source - WeHeartIt

She'd do anything for him,

Art by animefanatic21

He would die for her,

Art by hazelxanimexzelda

She's the only one that could pull him out of the darkness.

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I loved the beginning of this show so much but come midway threw season four it just went down hill. I didn't like the ending either
love the pics tho
@JoshuaKane Yea. I think half of season 4 and some of season 3 went off kilter from the manga. The manga ending is much better and has a lot more arcs so if you want a continuation (and better) story you should read them
I probably will one day @MaddyScoop
I'm fixing to cry