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Art by heartlesslink

They're in perfect sync,

Art by gone-phishing

Even though they're pissed at each other most of the time,

Art by leshley3093

He makes her smile,

Art by z-raid

She makes him laugh,

Source - Wattpad

He's protective,

Art by aplbunny

She hurts for him,

Art by The-DeathAngel

She's the only one he turns to,

Source - WeHeartIt

She'd do anything for him,

Art by animefanatic21

He would die for her,

Art by hazelxanimexzelda

She's the only one that could pull him out of the darkness.

@MissHitachiin yes yes!! Agreed, this was one of the first animes I ever watched (before I knew what shipping and canon was) and I could totally tell they liked each other😁
They are so canon, even if they aren't canon 😍❤️
I probably will one day @MaddyScoop
love the pics tho
It's definitely up there in terms of my favorite animes and these two completely should have been together just as much as Mustang and Riza from Fullmetal Alchemist
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