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Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you all are having a good day. And whoever happens to be reading this card and is at KCON, I hope you are having fun and fangirl/fanboy for all of us!! This week is the first video for the second season of BTOB's "I'll Be Your Melody" series. "Weekly Melody" is a weekly segment that happens every Sunday that will showcase the amazing talent that the group has by sharing BTOB's "I'll Be Your Melody" videos! I'll be going in order that Cube Entertainment released the videos! Without further ado, let's get started with the SEASON 2!!

Changsub's cover of "After The Love" by Ha Dong Kyu

This is my personal favorite cover that Changsub has sang! HE'S AMAZING.

Sungjae's cover of "Confession" by Jung Jun Il

Again, Sungjae has blown me away with his vocals. SO GOOD.
That's the 2 member's covers for this week! Do you think the member's voices have improved from the first season?

Please tell me what you thought in the comments!!

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so...i could be serenaded by both of these beautiful voices. Like they could wake me up or sing me a lullaby. And Changsub, yo those notes. Changsub...Slow down Subbie
I have to wait to watch this on my TV. The sound is so quiet on my computer for some reason.