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30. Wailord can breed with Diglet... 29. Pikachu (Mouse Pokemon) has a pokedex number of 25, while Meowth (Cat Pokemon) has one of 52. Reverse those, and you can see that they are the opposite of one another, just like cats and mice. 28. Gengar is a Shadow type Pokemon and this "shadow" may be related to how similar it looks to Clefable. 27. "Pokemon" is not a Japanese word, but rather a combination of the two English words “pocket” and “monster.” 26. In the original Red and Blue versions of the game, you could tell the gender of a Pokemon by its Attack Rate and Defense Rate; this did not apply to legendary Pokemon.
The Gengar fact was really interesting. It seems like the creators of Pokemon put a lot of thought into these characters. I feel like there's so much hidden secrets behind everything in Pokemon now!
it also depends on the pokemons nature/personality
@takashi02 if females have stronger defense, I suppose you're right. but do they in this game?
if you have a good defense isn't that the same as being strong too?
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