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"Hyung! What took you so long!?" Sehun questions taking the bags from his hands leading him into the kitchen where the rest have gathered. "Where is D.O?" He asks noting the place lacked the shorties presence totally ignoring Sehun's question. "He went to his room, he is gonna take a shower soon" Kai replies as he fishes through the contents of the bag finally comming across some snacks. Grabing them he bolts to his room before the maknae could call dibs. "Kaiiiiiii!!" Sehun growls running after his hyung. Suho begins to put contents in the cupboard when he catches sight of the brown haired wiping her hands. "Oh YeonHee!" Suho addresses "Yes?" She asks taking a seat next to a now stiff Chanyeol. "________ wanted me to tell you she will be coming in the afternoon." He says as Baekhyun jumps down from his seat. "YESHHHHH!!" He cheers, finally something entertaining! Sehun comes back into the kitchen as he slumps on his seat. "Kai locked himself in his room... And Why are you doing...that?" Sehun asks pointing out Baekhyun's odd dancing. "_______ is coming this afternoon!!" YeonHee chirps setting her apron aside. A smile creeps across Sehuns fce at the mention of the h/c girl. The thought of the kiss came rushing in as his cheeks turns slightly red. This days seems to be getting better! "Ok, im tried from all that walking and eating so i'll be in my room taking a power nap." Suho says stretching. Chanyeol gives him a stare and coughs out loud gaining his attention. "Dont worry it'll be for an hour max, Then i'll help you revise your song Chanyeol." Suho nods as Chanyeol smiles, happy he didn't forgot. As soon as Suho leaves the room Baekhyun props up his elbows and leans in a devious smirk covering his features. "So YeonHee ....hows your man?" Beakhyun asks , YeonHee blushes. Beakhyun gets up and slumps on the couch getting ready for some juicy gossip, Sehun looked up from his phone interested. Chanyeol stopped scrolling through his phone watching the girl form the corner of his eye. Subconsciously she touched her world pendent necklace. Which didnt go unnoticed by the guys. Both Sehun and Baekhyun smirked where as Chanyeol just had enough and stormed out of the room. 'How can she wear his necklace in our house when she rejected mine!' Chanyeol internally growled. He looked down at his necklace, the musical note held so much meaning, and she threw it away. He couldn't take the pain anymore. It all hurt. He lpudly slammed the door casuing the house to slightly shake. "So??" Sehun urges as the girls cowers slightly. "Uhh...it going well! Were doing great, thanks for asking" she says hurriedly. She had the feeling she had forgotten something, she jut didn't know what. "He gave you that world necklace right?" Beakhyun states the obvious to which she simple nod, not trusting her voice. "Aw thats cute...wait where are you going?! ______ well be here, don't go!" Sehun begs seeing the girl wear her shoes. "Don't worry guys she will be here in the afternoon, i gotta go check something out. And I'm sure you'll know how to entertain a guest" she says giggling at a beet red Sehun. "Fine, go have fun with you boyfriend" Beakhyun calls as she walks out shutting the door in process. Kai comes down the stairs yawning. "Whats wrong with Chanyeol?" He asks going to the fridge grabbing a water bottle. Beakhyun looks at Sehun who struggles for words. "Uhh...Man period?" ~Back with _____, still Third Pov~ "Ummaaaaa can I please go? YeonHee needs mehh" ______ whines stretching out her stiff back. Other then Suho and a couple of ajumma's here and there, the store was completely empty! "_____, you just came from you linch break, you cant go now!" Her mom scolds walking out from within the shop. "But mom, no one is here! And YeonHee really needs my help" she begs "how about i make a deal with you? You let me go and i'll do what ever you want!" She says hoping it would work. "I want you to get a job and a place to live, can you do that for me?" She says laughing at _____ defeated face. "Ummaaa please? I promise i'll move out....soooon" she adds as her mother sighs. "I cant take it. Go, help YeonHee. Tell her mother i said hi" she says walking back inside leaving a squealing _______. Within seconds she is out the door. ~back with Exo!~ "Hey did you call YeonHee again?" Kai asks bored. The guys were in the living room watching k-drama but no one was actually interested in the episode that was playing. This totally proved having YeonHee or ______ around helped keep them entertained. "She is not picking up. Maybe she is with hi-" Sehun trails off seeing he has gotten a text. Not just any text, a text from _____. He froze as Kai liked over at him quirking an eyebrow. "Sehun? Whats wrong?" He asks peering into his phone gasping at what he had read. "What?! Whys going on?" Baekhyun asks concerned. Kai gets up, runs into the kitchen and come back with a garbage bag. He starts picking up scraps of wrappers an uneaten food of the flor and table. "Will someone tell me what the hells going on?!" He asks irritated. ""________ is on her way here!"" Kai and Sehun say in unison. "Oh my god!" They all began yo pick up random things when the door bell goes off. Beakhyun looks down at his sweats and t-shirt and cringed. He didn't look good! ""Im not getting it"" the three say yet again in unison. "No someone has to get it, but its not me!" Kai says talking the trash and springing to the safety of his room. Sehun and Beakhyun have a mini staring contest as the door bell goes off again. Just as there about to run up to their room an angry Suho walks down rom the stairs, his hair was messy and his eyes bloodshot indicating he has just woken up. "I'll go get it!" He says walking past them and to the door swinging it open. ______smiled brightly but which soon feel seeing Suho. "Oppa are you ok?" She asks worriedly. "Oh! ____! Come in, of course im fine! Make yourself at home." He assures her in as she walks slowly allowing him to walk next her her. "Are you sure? If I'm bothering you i can leave!" Suho shakes his head vigorously "no im fine don't worry! Take a seat" he says sitting down and patting the seat beside her. She sits next to him when she hears footsteps. Kai, Beakhyun and Sehun run down the stairs huffing loudly. "Hey" Kai says winking before going to grab water. "_______ you came for me!!" Beakhyun says sitting next to her. "Hahah of course Beak" she says as Sehun gives her a polite nod. "Aweee dont call me Beak! I mean it sounds good coming from you but i want you to call me Oppa" he says winking at the end. ______ laughs along with Beakhyun. Sehun lets out a sigh, he didn't like how quickly she was able to warm up to him. ________ and Beakhyun chatted for a bit, Kai and Sehun rarely adding in to the conversation since they were really jealous. ________ felt weight on her shoulder, looking over she sees Suho has fallen asleep. She smiled fondly at the male making the three raise there eyebrows. Chanyeol comes down the stairs, before he can make it all the way, a beautiful sweet scent filled his nose. This wasn't YeonHee's perfume. Which inly meant one thing...Chanyeol's heart slipped a beat as he caught sight if the beautiful girl. He gulped as he gained his cool posture before walking to the kitchen completely ignoring their presence entirely. "Umm...Beakhyun ?" ______ squeaks a the male looks to her. "Umm where is the washroom?" She asks quickly making him chuckle at how cute she was being. "There is like three upstairs." He tells her as she carefully, successfully gets up not waling Suho. "I'll be right back" she says walking to the stair case inly to be stopped by Chanyeol. "I'll lead the way" he says gruffly as _______ slowly follows after. He leads her to the first washroom near D.O 's room. "Here" he states before walking off. "Wait!...Chanyeol" she calls out making him halt but not turn to face her. "Um...later do you want to...practice some music with me like the other day?" She asks her face flushing slightly. Chanyeol clenches his teeth. "Sorry, I'm busy" and with that he disappears from the hallway. _______ furrows her eyebrows tightly as she walks into the washroom. "What the heck? I was being nice and this is how he responds?" She grumbles looking at herself at the mirror. "Ok _____, don't get mad....he is YeonHee's friend therefore i must like him.....but he is soo rude! Ugh" she sighs taking a hair tie and tying her hair back as her bang stands fall back into place. "I mean not all of them are like him right? There sweet and nice but what wrong with him, what crawled up and died up his ass huh?" She turns on the tap splashes it on to her face. She reaches out for a towel on the towel hanger but nothing was there. Just then the shower curtain opens. He steps out and makes eye contact with a startled _____. A small smile crawled across D.O's features. ___________________________________ Ok so here is the problem. Im currently debating on weather i bring Exo-M into this our not. Please let me know what you think. And also their may be a guest appearance of another group, any ideas? Tags: @tiffany1922 @morhilge1441 @yaya12 @Izzy987 @tinafalcon22 @melibee717 @MoraLesley @zzzdonk @DejaunaeSiders @MidnightMadness @msutiyono
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Ya!!!! I think Chen and Lay and the rest would be an awesome mix!!!