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So there are lots of great openings that have made it onto my list, like...
"Doctor Stranger" Opening As much I don't like this drama, I still love the opening. The medical things always get, it's so simple and intense and got me pumped up every time :)
"Fated to Love You" It's so simple and sweet! Plus, the acting is so cute! And that use of CGI though (>.<)
"Misaeng" Ahh, this opening always gave me a warm feeling. It's like drinking a nice cup of coffee in the morning :) Plus, I'm a sucker for openings with Korean scenery...
"Pinocchio" I love the music in the background and it definitely matches :) Plus, who can resist as Lee Jong Suk having his hair lightly flowing in the wind (>.<)
But my all time favorite?
The one that takes the cake is T.O.P's "Secret Message". I love the opening! It's a really simple piano piece, but it builds up and always sent me on a feels trip. Especially since the whole scene is just looking above Korea and Japan. It's so simply beautiful! Plus, that ending glimpse of them individually was, gah, my heart (>.<) (I'm also thinking that the opening for "Doctor Crush" will take its place as my number 1...but I couldn't find the video...)
I love the opening to fated to love you, that was so a great drama.
@cindystran it's funny cause the guy in the taiwanese version freaked me out the majority of the time
@SweetDuella That drama messed with my feelings way too much (>.<)
@cindystran Haha, I do. And, meep, just make sure you focus on Lee Jong Suk and Kang Sora 馃槀
I see that you have a thing for instrumentals! I have to say Doctor Strange's opening is tempting me to watch the drama. Fated to Love You's opening is something I would hear at a theme park lol. It's cute! :)
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