So @QueenLee, you want to get into B.A.P.? A good choice, my friend!
So first things first.

What the hell does B.A.P. mean?

Rice? ('bap' is rice in Korean hurhur I'm so funny)
No, no! It stands for Best. Absolute. Perfect.
Okay cool, so

Who are the members?

Bang Yongguk (Shishimato - Red Bunny)

26 years old

Birthday - March 31

Leader, Main Rapper

If you ever think you hear a whale while listening to a B.A.P. song, do not be alarmed. It's just Yongguk's voice. He's known for his deep voice and scary looking appearance. Most people tend to think that he's a thug. Well... that couldn't really be farther from the truth. And now here are some facts to tell you why you should love this whale:
* He loves Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and when his fans heard about it they started to gift him Tiggers. He keeps every one of those gifts. The other members have started to complain that Tigger follows them wherever they go but Yongguk is happy.
*He can't do aegyo... he's a whale with a scary face, how could he? He still tries, all the time. You should look up some Yongguk aegyo moments. It's ... not cute in the conventional way, but I think it's cute that he tries.
*He's closest to Himchan. He's the dad of the B.A.P. family, and Himchan is the mom. A lot of people ship those two because of their close bond. Yongguk cares for all his members equally though, of course.
*Yongguk is also very close to Zelo, because before B.A.P. was formed they were supposed to debut as a duo called Bang and Zelo. They have one MV, you should check it out for funsies. It's not a bad song either.
*Yongguk was also the first to show his upper body as he was the first one to have abs. He's known for providing fan service with his toned body during concerts.
*Yongguk was very close to his grandfather, who was like a role model to him. When he passed away, Yongguk felt very alone and depressed. He made the song 4:44 AM after this. I included it in this block. As well as another of his solo songs.
Last one I promise *Yongguk is known for being extremely focused and passionate. He loves to goof off with his members but when it comes down to business, he keeps everyone on track. B.A.P. has said that Yongguk never gets angry, but he speaks in a firm enough tone that you wouldn't disobey him anyway.

Kim Himchan (Tatsmato - Pink Bunny)

26 years old

Birthday - April 19

Sub-Vocalist, Rapper, Visual

Himchan is knowing for being handsome and sassy. He's got a million dirty look to throw around, don't worry no one will be left out. His sharp features make him an outstanding visual and Himchan is not unaware of his own beauty. He loves to flaunt it.
Reasons to love The Diva:
*He takes care of everyone like the true mother he is. Even if taking care of them means getting a little rough or mean. He's always just teasing anyway. *He seems to love skinship. By that I mean he's the member that you can ship with any of the others because he touches them ALL. There's plenty of love to go around as well from this man. *His voice is also pretty deep, in fact I don't know if anyone else does but I mix up his and Yongguk's voice quite often in songs... *He loves to do aegyo. For someone with a deep voice, he's actually good at it. I guess he knows cause he jumps at any chance to do aegyo. Shameless. *He's known to be one of the lazier members. Not that he doesn't do his work or keep healthy but just that he's more content to lay around than say go to a park. He's a king, he just wants to relax.

Jung Daehyun (Kekemato - White Bunny)

23 years old

Birthday - June 28

Main Vocalist

He's pretty isn't he? His voice is pretty too. Being a main vocalist means getting a lot of lines, but Daehyun almost takes the vocals by storm. (I love all the vocalists of B.A.P. of course.) He has the honey voice, he hits those notes like it's just a snap of his fingers. I don't know how long he can hold his breathe but I think he might be part merman because of how long he can hold a note, aight?
Reasons to love Merman Daehyun:
*He's rather shy, but when he's confident - he's confident. He'll make sure everyone knows he's got this in the bag.
*He's good at drawing. Like really good at drawing. He likes to do it from time to time.
*He loves food. He's always eating, and fighting with the younger ones who steal his food. He loves cheesecake the most it seems.
*He's closest to Youngjae. Everywhere that Jae is, Dae is sure to follow. DaeJae is a popular ship cause of it. I kinda ship it myself, they're cute.
*Despite being shy, he's rather manly. He can get all the ladies swooning.
* He might not be the visual but he loves to dress up and strut around like a peacock. I think he has one of the most popular bias rankings, so I guess it pays off. (They're all visuals in this group, I mean come on.)

Yoo Youngjae (Jokomato - Yellow Bunny)

22 years old

Birthday - January 24

Lead Vocalist

Ah this one. He's a wily one, look out for him. He stole a bias spot, right next to Yongguk. Hmm what to call Youngjae. He's basically the impersonation of a fox... cunning, pretty, with a high voice.
Reasons to love a fox:
*Well have I said he's smart yet? I mean he does use his smarts for sneaky things around the group but he's really very smart. It's impressive, and just one of the things that won me over in the end.
*He's closest to Daehyun. The love is mutual with these two, haha. They love to goof around, and vocalists stick together. They probably laugh about stealing Jongup's lines. (Lovingly.)
*He likes technology. He thinks it's impressive and likes to know how it works. He's ... a nerd.
*A really big nerd, because he also loves to explain things like he's some kind of expert whenever he has the chance.
*Sometimes he's really derpy though. There are times he's so overconfident in himself that he makes the silliest mistakes. (*thinks back to B.A.P. Killing Camp and bursts out laughing*)
*If you didn't notice in the picture, he has very high cheekbones making his face look rather squishy. He likes to puff his cheeks out. I dunno why, but I dig it.

Moon Jongup (Dadamato - Green Bunny)

21 years old

Birthday - February 6

Sub-Vocalist, Main Dancer

If we're honest, there's always underrated members in kpop groups... in B.A.P. , I believe it to be Jongup and Youngjae. Don't get me wrong, Jongup is loved. It's just that he doesn't get as much spotlight as Skyscraper, Whale, Diva, or Merman. He's the main dancer, an AMAZING dancer, but somehow I always see everyone talking about Zelo's moves and never Jongup's. Except in Hurricane cause come on, who could ignore him then!? WHO!? He's a sub-vocalist so a lack of lines is expected, but sometimes it's just ridiculous. It's like he's not even there...
Reasons to love Moon Child:
*He's so shy. God, it's adorable how shy he is. He's an idol but he might as well be a high school boy. His voice is soft, his smile is cute, and he doesn't ask for a lot.
*Now we talk about why he's not really a high school boy, that reason being - his body. It's on par, maybe even surpassing Yongguk's. Have you seen it!? HAVE YOU SEEN THE LIGHT?
*He's awkward. He doesn't do that well in variety shows, (well he does, but for the wrong reasons) he's a cool guy but he's clumsy. So if Zelo is the Jungkook of B.A.P. then think of Jongup like V. Always lost, a little quiet, but so silly and fun.
*Did I mention he's an AMAZING dancer? He's a damn sexy dancer. Beautiful.
*He has a NICE butt. Yeah, I said it.
*He's just so friendly. He's loved by all the members, Zelo is too but it really feels like instead of Jongup being two years older than the maknae that they're the same age.
*Oh he's closest to Zelo, did you know? Dancers stick together too.

Choi Junhong | Zelo (Totomato - Blue Bunny)

19 years old

Birthday - October 15

Maknae, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

Ah, yes. Zelo. Giant maknae. Golden child. Zelo might be young but he is in no way less impressive than the others. Think of him as the Jungkook of B.A.P., there's quite a lot of similarities between the two. One of them being, during debut they weren't all that tall but all of a sudden they tower over everyone.
Reasons to love The Skyscraper:
*He's a skyscraper. Tall boys are nice, no?
*He's known for his fast rapping. In the debut, THE DEBUT, he showed off how fast his tongue can move. When he went on Weekly Idol (included in this block) and was asked to slow down that part... he still wasn't able to go slow enough for the words to be clear. Impressive.
*He's just good at rapping in my opinion. Listen to his solo tracks, like No Title. I've included it in this block.
*Being the lead dancer, he's also known for his crazy moves. In One Shot he was known for his floor dance and then the Matrix move at the end of the sequence. In 1004, he look like he breaks his legs to go lower. Awesome.
*He's shy. Very shy. He doesn't even like cameras. (As an idol? Yes.) Neither does Yongguk, actually.
*He loves dogs. He's kind of like a dog.
*Curly hair. Nuff said.
*Did I mention he was in a group with Yongguk before B.A.P. was formed? Yee.
So have you maybe got a feel for who's who? Maybe even picked a bias? They're all so amazing, it's hard. Now of course, we shall introduce the music! I'll suggest my favorite MV's.
1. Warrior - You gotta start at the debut. You gotta see the blondes. Oh, Zelo is just 15 in this MV. How do you feel about what you've accomplished in life right about now? I sure feel like trash. (Nah, guys. We're all cool individuals in our own ways. Don't put yourself down.)
2. One Shot - A masterpiece. One of the first kpop MV's I ever saw. The FIRST MV I ever saw of theirs. It has a story, it really feels like a movie. It has an alternate ending! It has THUGS! It HAS a good beat, good lyrics, good message, good vocals, good choreo, good - *chokes* well you get it, it's good.
3. 1004 (Angel) - Without a doubt, my favorite MV. I love the song, I love the story. I love the ending. It's unsettling in just the right way. Art. Warning: Pretty Crying Asian Men
4. Badman - I include this because, if you know B.A.P... you should know about their lawsuit. Their struggles. They were slaves to their company, until Zelo turned of age and they sued the hell out of them. What teamwork! This song was made right before the lawsuit, and the message makes me think that they were speaking out against just who they were going up against next.
5. Young, Wild and Free - This is when the kings came back, after they won. This is when they showed that they're here and they're glorious. Warning: Maknae shows abs for the first time, everyone is pregnant or dead.
6. Feel So Good - Their newest song! (Although they're having a comeback August 8th, get excited!) It's so different from their usual stuff. Except maybe Coffee Shop and Where Are You? This song is upbeat and they're full blown dorks in this MV. It's awesome and it FEELS SO GOOOOD! #noregerts
And now some lyric videos for my favorite songs without MV's! Whee~
1. Blind - This is my favorite song by them. It makes you feel like "Who hurt you?" but it's also really catchy so you'll be singing it for years. And the lyrics are deep. As always, really.
2. Save Me - SAVE ME, OH SAVE MEEEE BUT BE CAREFUL I'M LIKE FIAH ... oh, hey there. This is another kinda sad song, heartbreaking and all but also like "I'm stronger than you and your silly heartbreak." The vocals in this song... UMPH. So good. Also it's the song played in the interludes of 1004 (Angel).
3. Coma - Other than this being the song used when they rob the armored vehicle in One Shot? It just sounds real good, and the lyrics are deep as hell. Yongguk, how deep are you gonna go? I can't see you anymore, come back Whale!
4. Carnival - Fun. It's so fun. I always end up singing along. London to Tokyo, we have a lot of fun all day YEAH ooh lalala shake it shake it. God, I love it. You should too. Give it a listen.
5. Goodbye - This song... actually helped me a little when I was fighting depression. "No more pain, goodbye goodbye. Get up one more time." Yeah, it's one of those songs. It starts off talking about how they don't understand why they feel this way, but goes on to make you stronger. I simply love it. And it's catchy!
6. This is a song... I like to pretend doesn't exist. It's not because it's bad, why would I recommend it if it is? It's just that... B.A.P. killed me on a daily basis before this song. It was enough for them to just EXIST. But then... they released ... a sex song. Yes, I'm talking about Body and Soul. I said all there is to say. This song's existence is illegal. But it's a good song tho, listen to it. On the low.
So there we go. That's all I got for the introduction. You should also check out their appearances on shows like Weekly Idol and ASC of course. And watch B.A.P. in America, B.A.P. Killing Camp. Anything else you can find. These boys are my Ultimate Group right after Big Bang and now that Big Bang is taking a long break... B.A.P. is stepping up. I'm so excited for this comeback. I hope you become a great fan of them too :)
I also made a B.A.P. card about their family dynamic for funsies not too long ago. Check it out if you want.
@CosmicCassidy this is why I couldn't watch your video or answer your call ho, chill
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@QueenLee it was so much fun, thanks for giving me a reason to make it haha this actually marks my 100th card... wow. Jongup is a good choice :D they all sre tho lmao I love them all
I'm familiar with Daehyun he's on Suwoong's ig they're goals ❤
Thank you for this card! Jonguppie is my ultimate bias and I have anyways noticed that he is an underrated member. I mean for a while on Google it said he was just a member ...
@destiny1419 It was a lot of fun to make, glad you enjoyed it :) And Jongup as a UB sounds awesome! I really wish they would show him off more. I dont think he's as underrated in the fandom as he is in the actual industry but that later reflects on the fandom anyway
@TheEnlightment He is just now starting to get more lines and for their last concert he has a new song he is going to sing. I can't wait to see videos of it