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"PolyglotPal asked speakers of 15 different languages to pronounce the longest words in those languages. Hungarian apparently has a word that means "for your continued behavior as if you could not be desecrated." I want to add that word to the English language!" The last speaker in the video, at 0:57, needs a full 7 seconds to say properly!
i would have assumed they were a sentence without spaces. i say that b/c ive noticed that with other languages they dont space their words so it appears as one long word......like thai, khmer, and the lao language, they dont use periods/commas either.... worst, sometimes its not just one sentence but it can be maybe three to four sentences all in one with no spaces therefore its hard to tell where one ends and a new sentence begin....so its looks like one huge run on paragraph. i dont know why their sentences are written like that b/c its extremely confusing to those trying to learn how to read and write in those languages....that should be your next major project @minjaeturles....why are some languages written that way without spaces?
@JohnLee yeah I didn't even trylol
Damn this is crazy... Can't even read any of them.