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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing part 9 of this series. I hope you all are enjoying this collection.

Yall know the drill

Thanks for all your support mis amgios. Well the rule is the same. If this part get at least 10 likes I will continue with the series.

Mature Content



You wipe the tears from your eyes and tell yourself to toughen up. Maranda was balling her eyes out. You never thought you would be pulled back into this world. You grab your phone and text Jimin. Baby I know you are sleep but I love you. I never left on my own accord. This guy named Hansol has kidnapped me and my friend Maranda. I have no idea where he is taking us. My phone is about to die and Maranda's phone is dead. Yoongi may know this guy named Dong-Hoon and I know this is a lot baby. But I need you....please forgive me You press send and then a few seconds passed then your phone dies. It stayed powered up long enough to let you know the text was sent. You hold Maranda as she begins to shake while crying. You pat her head. "We are better than this girl. I know we will make it out alive. We just need to stick together." You say while trying not to crack. "But why us? We done nothing wrong but live.." She yells. The car stops at this lavish mansion. The guy looks back you recognized the face. It was Leech Hansol's pet who did the dirty things for Hansol. He grins and lick his lips. "Consider this your last moments of freedom bitches. Word of advice be nice to the boss. He's really pissed." Leech says. The doors were unlocked and these buff guys come and take you two away. They were rough and was throwing you two around. You walk down two long hallways with expensive art in the walls. A few girls run passed you two half naked and giggling. You two are shoved into a dim light bedroom. You can hear groaning and moaning. The room smelled of sex and burnt candles. Two young girls about 16 greet you and Maranda. They were bare at the top with thin sheer panties on. "This way. He's been waiting." The girl with purple hair says. Hansol was on the bed fucking these two girls when you and Maranda walked it. He continued having sex with them for about 2 minutes before he acknowledged you and Maranda standing there. He motions for the ladies in his bed to leave and wait for him in the hot tub. You had a look of disgust on your face. He grinned and sat on the bed. "Well isn't it my two favorite girls...Wild Child and Vixen. Where have my lost sheep been for all this time? Fucking other men for free?" Hansol says. "Look what do you want Hansol?" You says with confidence in your tone. "What do you think? I still own you two. You owe me money for all the years you two left and you will continue to work until all your holes are stretched out and your legs break." He sips some wine and look intensely at you two. "We belong to no one but ourselves. Just let us go and we will pay you. Money is not an issue." You say. "You think you are in a position to negotiate with the King of the Night?! You disrespectful bitch!" He says while getting up. He was still nude. He walked around you and Maranda bitting his lip. Then he got closer and grabbed you. You could feel his manhood poking you from behind. He smelled of sweat, weed, and some wine. He smelled your hair and then quickly jammed his two fingers up in your womanhood. You gasp in shock. Maranda yells while trying to help you but the girl with the purple hair hold her down as the other girl helps. "Ah not a virgin. That Jimin boy has done well. You will bring in even more money now that you are broken in." He says in your ear. He pushes you and you fall on the floor. He licks his fingers. "Give me that bitch Vixen and strip her.She will be mine tonight." He says while walking away. You lounge for one of the girls and begin punching her and pulling her hair out. Maranda begins fighting the other. It then begins the fight for your lives. You and Maranda were on top of the girls beating their faces in when out of nowhere you are hit with something metal. Suddenly you fade to black as you hear Maranda's screams muffle.
Meanwhile Jimin lost his phone. He was super worried that you had contacted him, so he texted you and called you from Jin's phone. However he did not get any replies. He wanted to go home and begged to but he couldn't the company wouldn't let him. The guys were worried too. Namjoon called security back at home to go look for you. After the show security called back Namjoon and said that they couldn't find you. But there was a note left on the guys apartment stating that you were away with family. Namjoon thought that was weird since you never said you had family. "Bro security said she left a note at our place saying she was with family." Namjoon said to Jimin. "How can that be. She told me she didn't have family. That's fucking weird. I'm leaving." Jimin said. "I know you are worried but you have a contact with us Park Jimin. She is a grown woman and you just need to calm down." The manager said. 2 weeks passed and Jimin was a wreck. He wasn't sleeping. He, Yoongi, and Namjoon went to your place and it smelled really bad. Namjoon found the smell. It was coming from that box you hind under your desk. Namjoon pulled out the box and found the evidence you have been trying to hide. "Bro you need to look at this." Namjoon says. As Jimin look at the pictures with disgust and read the letter. Jungkook ran into the place. "Jimin your phone got mixed up with my stuff. You should read this text message." Jungkook hands him the phone. Jimin almost fell to his knees. He threw done the phone and jumped on Yoongi. "All this time you fucking knew about this shit and you didn't tell me?!" Jimin yelled. Namjoon pulled Jimin off Yoongi. "Look Imma let you pass cuz you all emotional but I don't know what's going on Jimin." Yoongi says while brushing off his shirt. "My kitten said you know this Dong-Hoon guy. She was kidnapped by this Hansol guy. Why didn't she tell me about this?!" Suddenly Yoongi phone rang. It was Dong-Hoon. He told him all he knew about the girls. Yoongi hung up and pressed his lips together. "Look, my friend from the streets told me way back that there was some rumors about your girl being a stripper. I told her about it. She didn't dismiss it but she told me not to tell you about it. I figured it was just a rumor becuase she don't seem like the stripper type. But then again those moves she had when she danced for you...Anyways she was pissed when I told her. I didn't think twice of it. Dong-Hoon hist called me and told me your girl and her friend Maranda was kidnapped just like the text says. Some dangerous guy named Hansol took them. He said word is your girl family sold her to this Hansol guy. He's the King of human trafficking. Anyways, your girl was forced to be a stripper. One day her and Maranda ran away and never looked back. Hansol has been hunting them down since they day they ran away. He threaten to tell the media about her and her connections with us. Dong-Hoon told me the location of this guy's house. But he warned us that this guy is mad dangerous." "Give me the address." Jimin says. Yoongi gives him the address. Jimin begins to walk off but Jungkook stops him. "You can't do this alone bro. We will help you." Jungkook said. "Yeah." Namjoon and Yoongi says together. "Let's call the others plus I have some boys that will back us up and give us some weapons." Yoongi says.
Hansol was crude. He was evil! For the pass weeks he had you dancing. He would drug you by force. You don't remember most of the weeks. Maranda and you both have been locked up in his basement and made to dance a gun point. You were going insane since you had no control. The females that worked for him as his snitches hated you and Maranda. They would often enjoy the pain you and your friend was suffering. All you could do was think about Jimin. You still had hope and you knew he would come through. After dancing until your feet were bleeding you and Maranda were allowed to shower. You heard Maranda crying in the shower. You let her have her moment as you showered too. Hansol house was called the Golden Circus. We stayed locked up in his huge mansion. Even though he hated us two we had the best rooms. Our bathroom had double showers, marble floors, and gold sinks. But know of that mattered. All you could see was darkness. After you showered you helped Maranda take care of her cut up heels from those stilettos she had on all day. You drowned the cotton ball with alcohol and applied it to her wound. "Looks like he wins. No one cares about us." She says while gazing away. "He hasn't won yet I know Jimin and the guys will come through. We just need...." "Jimin and the guys....they don't care! It's been 3 weeks! What kind of boyfriend and friends just go ghost without looking for you. They are too busy making money and fucking their groupies. All men are the fucking same. Give them something tight and wet and they all turn into the fucking dogs they really are." Maranda says. You push her leg off of you. "You are wrong and this drugs got your mind fucked up Maranda! Not all dudes are like that!" You begin cleaning your wounds from your shoes. "You think you are so much better! You can't change mankind! Your own daddy didn't even care about you nor did mine care about me!" Maranda yells. You stare about her and throw the bottle of alcohol at her. "Get your shit together. Yeah our fathers were losers....but Jimin is different he loves me. The guys are different they care." Maranda stands up. "If they are so fucking different then where the hell are they. Where are the handsome Bulletproof boys?! Smashing ARMY GROUPIES!" You get up and smack her across her face leaving a mark. She smacks you back. You get up and throw more running alcohol on her hair. You two begin cussing. ask and forth when all of a sudden.......
Oh snap! lol jajajaja....ah until next time peeps!
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Dang it!!!!!! I now gotta go back and read chapter 8 to see what the hell happened!!!!!
@Kpossible4250 how you gonna read 9 before 8 lol
That cover art is sick
@amobigbang I did read part of 8, I musta missed when they were kidnapped