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two pieces are out already and it's so exciting to see the color difference in the pieces of the hearts so it makes me think that this time it will be super dark I heard about Hades and stuff so I'm really excited anyway I can't wait until it comes out I'm really excited and once I tell my friend I'm sure she will freak out anyway Annyeong @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding
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@twistedPuppy before zelos came out they talked of a total of 3. They are calling it the Conception Trilogy.... That means loads of awesome concepts and starlights going mad with anticipation. Yep I'm already there lol.
@MandyNoona me to but tons of hearts are about to be slayed
New name is BiasKpop
@Winx9119 I knowwww into 3 pieces. xD
@MandyNoona lmao yep