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Genre: Angst, Romance, Angels, Fallen Angels, Supernatural, Demons, Vampires. Pairings: 🤔🤔 Summary: Demons thrive on life energy and fear, Vampires thrive on blood. Two beings coexist , but should never meet. Chapter: Prologue A/N: This is inspired by Exo's Monster. Since I love OT12, imma included Lutaoris. Enjoy! ____________________________________ Falling. Thats the last thing i remember. Falling to the hard solid Earth beneath me. It hurt, heck it hurt like shit. I couldn't do anything, and i tried, believe me. I didn't ask for this, i didn't ask for the pain and loss i would have to feel. You'd think someone would help? Nope, once you fall, you can't be stopped, no one would help you. No one cares. The gushing wind nearly ripped my skin apart, as a matter of fact it did. But i didn't feel the pain nor the feeling of my skin being torn apart. My mental pain and agony overcame any pain or fear that originally would have consumed me. How could this be? How could this have happened to me? I'm an Angel, above any mere mortal. An angel cannot fall to mortal let alone fall for one. I turned my head to the earth nearing me as i fall further. I closed my eyes, this is it. This is my punishment. I plunged into the earth my bones cracking. Luckily my wings provided a very thin layer of comfort. I took deep breaths as the pain consumed my entire body, the sun shined brightly over my head, the luscious greenery soaked me in. It looked absolutely beautiful as my breaths slowly died down. I clenched my hands with the last once of energy left within me. My wings beneath me felt wonderful, and soft. The feeling i was going to miss dearly, the musk smell of nature filled my nose as i closed my eyes. Taking in my last breath as an Angel. Why? All this for what? Well let me tell you. It's for love.....love is toxic....love is a fucking joke...love is a Monster.
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