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Hi guys I'm back! Sorry its been so long, I know! But here is Chapter 2!
Chapter 2
“Yo, Mon you ass!” someone called. Who the hell could that be calling me so early in the morning? I could only notice minty green hair before getting a solid blow to the gut.
“What the fuck man!” I groaned clutching my stomach. He just rolled his eyes and nodded his head in the direction of the room he just left.
“Shouldn’t you be in there getting ready for the class?” he chided
“Yea..So?” He rolled his eyes.
“You need to go to class, at least the first one!”
I shrugged. Honestly I don't even know why they are making me go to this stupid class it's not like I actually need to worry about cooking. My fans usually send me care packages of ramen and other stuff.
“Can you just go. The class is about to start and I honestly don't want to have to deal with your manager again.” He said pissed. I sighed and scratched my head.
“Fine. I'll go. But don't expect me to actually pay attention.” He just waved me off as he headed down the hall.
“Whatever brat. Just be sure to learn SOMETHING.” I shook my head and sighed.
“Might as well get this over with now.” With that I head into the classroom and took a seat in the back.
*8 Minutes Later*
The door flew open with incredible force slamming against the wall behind it. The man that ran in almost instantly bowed, his hands on his knees as he gasped for air.
“Sorry I’m late.” He managed to get out before standing back up. I looked up from my phone and froze. Well,well,well..look who it is. Little cutie from next door is my teacher? This is gonna be good. I couldn't hold back my grin. He quickly got his stuff set up and turned to us again.
“Ok class. Today is a general get to know everyone and the kitchen class. Starting next week we will go over the in depth workings of the kitchen appliances and you will be learning your first dish.”
Honestly, I was hardly listening to him. I was too busy checking him out again. The low light from the hallway definitely doesn’t do him justice. Just remembering the scene from last night makes me smile.
There it is again..the knock at the door interrupting my intense concentration. I just ignored it and tried to focus on the lyrics I was writing when the knock came again. With a sigh I got up and answered the door.
“ Are you just gonna stand there and stare or…?” It was kind of cute, him checking me out.
……. And there he goes again.
"Hello?.. are you even listening to what I'm saying?" I couldn't hide my annoyance this time and it seems he noticed.
"S-sorry. Um my name is Kim Seokjin. I live in the apartment next door." I grinned internally. I already know who you are. Instead I just rose an eyebrow and said ok.
"I came over a few times before to tell you to please turn your music off or turn it down. People are trying to sleep." By this time I honestly wasn’t paying much attention to what he was really saying. Instead I was more focused on how his lips moved as he spoke, how they formed each word and phrase. I could tell he was getting annoyed and decided to tease him a bit.
"That's it?” I said and I had to resist the insane urge to laugh. His eye started to twitch and it’s oddly fun to watch.
"Yes that's it!" Despite how adorable he is i couldn't help getting frustrated.
"Ok. Sorry bout that." I said with a smile. With that I left him there and went back into my apartment. Safe to say all my dreams last night were filled with a certain neighbor of mine. I’ll give you a clue...it sure as hell wasn’t Mrs. Jenkins from the apartment on the other side.
He was so cute and frustrated. I just wanted to take him and then kiss it better.
“Kim Namjoon!?” he called. I quickly locked eyes with him and grinned.
“Yes?” I asked boredly. You could see his jaw tick on annoyance.
“I was mentioning to the class that your table mate is going to be your partner for the rest of the course. Seeing as you don't have a table mate I shall work with you. Don't expect me to let you off easy though!” I couldn't hold back my grin...not like I was trying either.
“No worries Sir, I'll be sure to work hard enough for both of us.”
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