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I've been with Vixx for a while and I always had N as my bias and no one else then this maknae came in and everything has just been a battle so now I really don't have just one bias I have two now and it's all thanks to Sanghyuk but I'm kinda happy because now I have to people who help me through my day I have many people besides them like my vingle family even though many don't know me but I still say your apart of my family I also have my kik fam I thank them a lot and I thank my friends honestly this card is not about my bias wrecker now that I think about it it's to give thanks to all of you I hope you support me more and keep being my strength 사랑해요
bonus pictures ㅋㅋㅋ
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for reaaall like him and Hongbin needa stop, like i believe they are trying to kill me now because they are the last two i remembered.
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@NikkoNikole haha Hongbin already was my bias wrecker Hyukkie came in as bias wrecker no.2
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@BiasKpop Oh absolutely. He's always making me smile and giving me total feels... like I need to wrap him up in a soft blankie and protect him from the world. T.T He wasn't even on my radar at first just because he was so young and some of the feels these guys deliver aren't just motherly...then Wham bam he shows up and says *notice me noona* and now I'll never look back .... *headdesk*
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@MandyNoona can I ask a question
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