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I was recently visiting family so I was on a LOT of planes this past week.

I made a new playlist but found that I couldn't stop putting a few songs on repeat:

Oh My Girl - Liar Liar

Something about this song just makes me SO HAPPY.
Maybe its the "YAYA"s :D I can listen to this on loop and never get sick of it. But then it gets stuck in my head forever so....

BTS - Fire

I really should have been sleeping on the plane but WHO SLEEPS WHEN YOU HAVE BTS IN YOUR HEADPHONES?!
Obviously this was on repeat for like, an hour.

TWICE - Cheer Up

I've officially reached the point where I can sing this entire song in Korean with no lyrics in front of me. That's how much I've listened to it hahahahhahahah

AOA Cream - I'm Jelly Baby

I dont know what it is about this chorus but I'm so obsessed (still) with this song! The part at 1:50 gets me every time!

What songs have you had on loop recently?

I went to Wisconsin and it was like a 4 hour drive I had a Playlist that is called "The fangurl Playlist " and some songs that I played again were: •Monster - EXO •I NEED U - BTS • Dumb Dumb - Red velvet • Like a Cat - AOA • Exodus - EXO • Cheer up - Twice • Like ohh ahh - Twice • Navillera - Gfriend •Boy in luv - BTS and some other songs too
I usually fall asleep listening to relaxing BTS songs like House of cards.... Lol at least I find it relaxing XD
oh Exo monster and lucky one
I cannot get over Fire!! That song is my jam!!!! I'm also addicted to Monster - EXO Save Me - BTS Nevermind - BTS Look At Me, Gwisun - Daesung Fantastic Baby - Big Bang And many others cx
UKiss stalker, Monsta x all in, astro hide and seek, Bts fire and save me, Vixx dynamite, and Monsta x tresspass
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