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An old I.B.M. office building has been given a $150 million renovation and will open as Georgia's most expensive public school ever. 1,400 students will attend the school. Half are black, 27% are white, and 20% are hispanic. The goal of the renovations is to move the graduation rate from a very poor 61% to 90 percent. There's a performing arts complex, a broadcast and video center, and a rifle range. Personally I'd rather pay more to secure the best teachers and invest in our educators than have new facilities. But, thats just my opinion.
@johnlee what do you think of this
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Well I think having a nice facility is good. I'm hoping some of that money goes to the teachers but i'm sure being in a nice facility will definitely help the students and teachers morales.
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Maybe, I don't think the shooting range is necessary
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True. Although that is pretty bad ass.
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