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It's airing right now on FOX, and there's a awards section I want to see and that's Choice Awards: International Artist And I want and yes I'm being biased I have too, there my ultimate bias group EXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to win.
Update: Super Junior Won #Elf Yay it's a good thing I'm a Elf so congrats super Junior. Update again : turns out they changed the winner or made a mistake little mix one sorry for giving u guys false information please forgive me.
@szewwy well idk and I also demand a recount they messed me up
you know they should have not notice the mistake
@MaggieHolm *high five* lol
how did you find out who won? I watched it on Fox as well and they did not mention the international nominees.... ]:
I demand a recount! Jk but it's weird cause on twitter when they started the nominating super junior was in the top trends for me.
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