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My Favorite Drama Openings

This is one of the questions I can't seem to have a definite answer to or I can't only choose one. Therefore, I'll list out the ones I find unique and creative.

Taste of Love

I have a weakness for food theme dramas and "Taste of Love" really won me over for their opening theme. Whoever thought of filming in a grocery market and ballroom dancing combo is a genius. Love it!

Pursuit of Happiness

This show got me hooked from beginning to end. The storyline is great and the characters are really relatable. What I really like about the opening is it depicts the journey of "searching for the one."


Not much Korean drama openings made it to my list simply because it's very short and most of the time it just shows the character's face (and that's all). However, Phantom caught my attention because it introduces the characters in a very creative way. It's cyber-crime investigation drama and the graphics and background music here is on point.

Prince of Wolf

How often do you see a drama with minimal and aesthetically pleasing opening? I'm talking about no cityscape and other distractions. This drama has some of the most breathtaking scenes in TW drama history and the opening is not lacking at all. It choose to focus on the wolf forest, the two main leads and their wolf. Oh, and Bii's vocal is killing it!

Angel Eyes

Last but not least, this is a honorable mention. Even though it's super short and they're only walking around the carousel there's a couple of detail to take note of! If you notice at the start everything is dull and saturated. However, once the character meets eyes the carousel lights up and everything becomes vivid (and somehow their umbrellas disappeared and rain stopped pouring). Power of love. lol
Okay let stop here before this card gets too long. :D
@Mavis2478 Yes it is!
@biancadanica98 that song is life!
@cindystran It's because he slays with his beautiful voice. It's unique and his songs are so soft and amazing! I love the Back In Time OST from Bromance that he sang 💜
@Mavis2478 OMG! You're right. Now that I think about the setting does look similar. @biancadanica98 I have to agree with the both of you. Bii is the prince of OST. I notice a lot of t-drama uses his songs as intro these days.
@Mavis2478 I love all the songs that I've heard Bii sing too. His voice is beautiful! 😍
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