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This song came out a few years ago but it still boggles my mind.

Who thought this was okay?! Who choreographed this, wrote these lyrics, put this through the marketing team that was like 'yup this will be a hit,' WHO DIDN'T THINK THIS WAS WRONG?!

Hyomin from T-ARA released a solo track called Nice Body and its disgusting.

Hyomin's Part:

All girls want to show some skin
All girls go on a diet at least once
All girls want to be loved
A prince of my dreams will appear for sure
(Not eating what I want to) I will be strong
(I will endure through the pain) I will become pretty
I will fall in love, I will show everyone
I will change
My body is a nice nice body
Long legs, sexy waist
(Give me love, give me love, give me love)
My body is a nice nice body
Everyone is shocked, everyone falls for me

Loco's Rap:

You鈥檙e like those Western girls who work out
Everyone looks like plain bamboo trees compared to you
I鈥檓 already imagining how I can accidentally run into you
I鈥檓 a growing tree of dreams
All guys want a girl like this
All guys like pretty girls
All guys think dirty thoughts at least once
I want that to be me, I want that

Now let's look at the music video.

It starts off with a girl binge eating donuts when a magical glitter donut appears. Of course, she scarfs it down and begins to change into a beautiful, "nice body" aka Hyomin's body.

On Hyomin's leotards throughout the MV we see a bunch of numbers.

At first I thought they were just they sporty style and meant to look like a jersey, but actually its her MEASUREMENTS.
34 at the bust, 24 at the waist, and 36 at the hips are actually inches of her body and lets not forget that she used a measuring tape as a PROP for her dance in the chorus. Really guys?

The music video is clearly saying that the right photo is more beautiful than the left.

Anyone who says that this song is innocent or not saying anything bad is WRONG. You might say that Loco was forced into rapping it or something but still - wtf Kpop.

Was anyone else super disappointed by this?

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this is my first time seeing this but honestly this hurt my feelings a lot (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) considering that my body (and many others) are not perfect. in my opinion everyone is perfect the way they are and this video is not making anyone feel better about themselves. I honestly wonder how much her fan base was affected by this video.
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I've never listened to the song (thank god) but the lyrics and images, especially that first gif, remind me of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. It's an awful message to send to girls that they have to be a size 2 in order to find love and be happy. I hope I never have to hear that song. I'll probably break whatever machine it comes out of.
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That's pretty awful 馃槙
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i am...because im like that...i feel like im to fat or im to ugly and i want to be pretty like every other girl...imm not confident with myself and now that you mention it...the song does say that....
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This was never on my radar but now that you mention it I feel super uncomfortable >~< this isn't helping Korea's inequality and poor standards thrown at women there....
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