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I love getting a lot done over the weekend, but I distinctively remember laying in bed on Saturday morning, staring at the ceiling, and just thinking to myself: "TOO FAR AWAY. EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW IS JUST TOO FAR AWAY."

So now that Monday is inevitably upon on, what did you guys do this weekend?

Were you lazy like me? Or did your inner sloth turn over a new leaf?
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@danidee it's so gorgeous! The fanmeet was really short-lived! It should have been longer! My bias is Key!
when you spray a wolf spider, it looks like it is dissolving because thousands of babies start trying to run off of her
@MaggieHolm Key is the most popular among my Shinee-liking friends.
@RobertMarsh LOL GROSS. That's rad.
@danidee cool! He is just such a diva!