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On the July 27th broadcast of 'Entertainment Relay', Kim Hyun Joong shared, "I am a ghost-like sunbae. Whenever my hoobaes greet me, I run away because I feel awkward." The reporter added, "Whenever hoobaes greet you as a group, you're saying you feel awkward saying, 'I'm watching you well. Work hard.'" Kim Hyun Joong straightforwardly replied, "Honestly, I don't really watch them often. But I watch a lot of girl group videos on YouTube." SEE ALSO: Crayon Pop continues their unprecedented success streak with 'Bar Bar Bar' When asked, "Which girl group do you watch a lot on YouTube?", Kim Hyun Joong revealed, "Crayon Pop... In my 'Lucky Guy' choreography, I do a 'high high' move and Crayon Pop did the exact same choreography [for 'Bar Bar Bar'] when they go 'jumping yeah, jumping yeah'." He joked, "Should I sue them [for plagiarism]? In all seriousness, Crayon Pop is a girl group that I really like." credit to Playful Kiss on facebook
@alex9094 i love him toooo he's 1 of a kind
@Nonabisi i love him!!! >_< so handsome and so cute how he gets so shy with his hoobaes!!
thnx sis <3
lols i knw how good he is hehe ;)
@saharjalpari9 hahahahaha i disagree i think he picked it up from first time since he already knows the dance it's his ;) so don't be jealous sis <3
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