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I just got back from visit family in New Jersey and omggggg it was humid.

I'm a southern California native so humidity and I don't really get along well.

I realized that while I'm used to Korean weather words like, 'its raining' or 'its nice out' I don't actually know how to say "it's humid..."


습하다 - To be humid


습기 차다! - It's really humid!

(seup-gi cha-da)

습기가 너무 많아요 - There's a lot of humidity

(seup-gi neo-mu man-na-yo)

Moisture is 습 (seup) and 습기 (seup-gi) is humidity :3

Does anyone else live somewhere humid!?

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its been really humid in New York recently
Wisconsin is pretty humid this year.
I live in South Georgia so 11 months of the year are humid. And we complain about it constantlt😂
come and walk for 5 mins in dubai, u will look as if u were taking a shower 😰
I live in Central Florida on the west coast and the humidity is ALWAYS high. Even when it gets cold.... In like January.... Honestly I'm tired of it. Anyone wanna trade?