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25. In the original games the player could cut a tree down, stand where it used to be, save/restart and end up on top of the tree. 24. If a Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow is uploaded to Pokemon Stadium, it will be voiced by Ikue Ohtani and have unique sound effects. 23. In Japan, the Pokemon move "Splash" did not exist; it was called "Hop," which explains why Splash is a Physical ability and not a Water one. 22. In the original Pokemon Red and Blue, it was possible to fish in any of the big statues inside Pokemon gyms. 21. Diamond Dust is a special kind of snow unique to Snowpoint City, Mt. Silver's Summit and Icirrus City; it appears only on certain days.
@JohnLee hahaha oh god, I totally forgot about that one. I agree, that was the most useless one.... such a waste of pokemon attack space!
I would have to say Flash was more useless.
I agree cut was completely useless! But it did make the game more challenging. I always felt so sad when I had to teach one of my Pokemon cut
@aero2042 hahhaha yeah the trees were annoying, especially because you had to always block one spot of one of your pokemons attacks to learn cut and let's face the facts, cut was a useless attack xD
The picture made me laugh. I hated those trees until I was able to cut them down. Thanks for sharing these interesting facts. Maybe I should replay the games and try these things out :P
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