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Actor/s that proved you wrong about their acting abilities.
When I saw today's challenge I immediately thought of one actor

mostly because he's in the drama I'm watching now.

Mike D Angelo!

Mike is a Thai actor, singer and model.
The first time I saw him was in Full House the Thai verison. Honestly I couldn't watch the whole thing. The acting from everyone in the drama was just 2 dimensional and fake. Back then I was really into the intense Kdrama world so I think that's why I couldn't get through 5 episodes.

So I just sort of wrote him off. Perpously avoided anything I saw him in...

Because I'm mean like that.

Anyway, a year or two past and I fell apon this Chinese drama called Legend of the Nine Tailes Fox. It's obviously about fox spirits but the show itself is a bunch of different short love stories that all connect to each other in the end.

Mike is in the of the stories and I realized that maybe I should look him up and see what else he's done not knowing this was the same actor from before in Full House. That and he wasn't that bad to look at with that long hair and piercing gaze of his. *wink wink*
That's how I found Kiss Me. It's a remake of a very popular drama. It's counterparts come from South Korea (Playful Kiss), Japan (Mischievous Kiss), and Taiwan (It started with a Kiss). These are only the ones I've watched, and I wasn't all that impressed. They were fun but only when I was in the mood to watch them and had nothing else to dive into.
As I was watching the first episode of Kiss Me I realized how stupid I was for thinking he couldn't act. His eyes are so expressive, it's hard to imagine he's even acting at all. My heart literally hurts for his character. I have been glued to this drama for two days now and I show no signs of stopping. I've seen the other versions, but this one is more realistic. The realtionships are easier to believe and the male leads character makes more sense. In the other ones he seemed indecisive about everything, Mike plays him more like he knows what he wants. Now he just has to come to terms with it and let himself be happy.

I could go on forever about this one, truly.

Not to mention it's the same female lead from Full House. How could I have missed this chemistry?!?
They just started filming the second season, so I'm a little excited.

Or a lot.

It's bad. I have a problem.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you have any actors you thought would be terrible but turned out to be amazballs??
You can check out D-1 here, and the full list is up on this card if you want to take the challenge with me.
Don't forget to tag me if you do!! I'm curious as to what you come up with!!
@biancadanica98 I'm going to give full house another try after I finish the last two episodes of Kiss Me. I've seen the Korean verison all the way through and I agree with you. I honestly have no idea why I finished it. Lol
@JustBrea It just got boring to me, it has to much hype in my opinion. I hope you like it this time around, I like the soundtrack from Full House and they are so cute!
I don't know of anyone that I thought would be a bad actor, but I came to this card because of Mike. I watched him and Aom in Kiss Me a few months ago and Kiss Me is now tied with my favorite version of Itazura Na Kiss along with the Taiwanese version. This version was so unique and different compared to the rest and the chemistry was so amazing! 💜 I can't wait for season 2! Also I watched Full House also because they both played in it and I have to say I loved it and watched the whole thing. Compared to the original Full House that I never finished...