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The Japanese that Japanese people don't know. One of the funniest drama series that I've watched. A must see for those learning a second language! このテレビドラマはとても面白いと思います。外国語を勉強している人にとってこのドラマは面白いと思います。
ouch ! cant get on wz my life if I dont change this. I meant "violent" streak. ahhh ... at peace again : )
@takashi02 sukoshi. But now I am more into korean dramas. Most aunties are middle aged although we may encounter some young ones in some families. : )
Really are you learning Japanese as well? I thought obasan meant Aunty not middle aged lady.
@takashi02 haha saw this drama many years ago but did not complete. shall try to. haha @cheerfulcallie someone actually call you obasan ? ok you can give them one black eye coz obasan means a middle aged lady. But if they call u obaa-san feel free to give them 2 black eyes coz that wld really mean grandma. ok I confess ... I have a violence streak. : )))
you so silly, here i am thinking?? what did he upload and how is this helping me trying to comprehend japanese?? hahaha!!!
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