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Who:Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Semi Angst, Fluff. Chapter 2 Story: You were happy with your idol boyfriend until the day came when your relationship became public and you started receiving harsh words and death threats from fans of his. Although you could careless what other people thought, Byun Baekhyun thought it would keep you safe to end the relationship. It's five years later and only one thing has changed....
Y/N's POV So Baekhyun came inside for dinner. He sat down and played with her in the living room. He seemed a little jealous when she said that Jongdae would come over for dinner or lunch and play games with her too. She made him voice the stuffed dragon while she spoke for her new white bear. That stuffed kitten you bought her earlier was already long forgotten in her room. "Dinner's ready." you called out to the two of them. "Minhae go wash your hands before you eat." you said. "Ok." She stood up and ran to the bathroom. The pitter patter of her tiny feet running on the hard wood floor was too cute. She had a step stool so that she could reach the sink and wash her hands. You went back into the kitchen ignoring the look Baekhyun was giving her. That loving look a father should give his daughter. You were setting up the food and already filling Minhae's plate for when she came back. "She's a lot of fun." Baekhyun said. "Try spending an entire day with her, she'll wear you down." you said with a little chuckle. "I'd love to. If that's an actual offer that is." You stared at him mouth slightly ajar with wide eyes. He chuckled and closed your mouth with his finger. "You'll catch a fly like that." he smiled. You used to tell him that when he smiled big, his mouth open wide. You loved that face, it always made you laugh too. You looked away, "Baekhyun you have no idea what it takes to take care of a child." you said. "Well it doesn't have to be tomorrow or in the next week. I'm just saying- if one day you wouldn't mind it I'd like to share the day with Minhae." Baekhyun said. You sighed helpless to that innocent face. Damn Minhae looked so much alike it was like she was pouting at you to get what she wanted from you. Most times you caved in unless it was something you were very much against like her staying up late, or watching scary movies or candy before dinner. Things like picking up bugs in the park and getting a stuffed animals for her never ending collection, things like that you spoiled her with. She knew just how to get to you too, no doubt she was her father's daughter because he was doing the same damn thing to you right now. "Alright well I'll think about it." you said. He smiled big and you looked away from him. You were lying to yourself saying you wouldn't let yourself love him again. He could love Minhae all he wanted he had a right to but not you. Unfortunately, you never stopped loving him so no matter how hard you tried to fight it you were still victim to all his charms. Minhae came running in with another stuffed animal of hers. This one bigger than her body so it looked like a random stuffed animal went rogue. "Minhae what are you doing?" you laughed. "Xing Xing wants to eat with us." she answered. "Well does Xing Xing know that I barely made enough for the three of us? He probably won't get anything to eat." "To be fair he probably doesn't eat the same food we eat." Baekhyun said clearly already understanding how his daughter's imagination worked. You looked at him as if to say don't encourage her. "Xing Xing eats Bamboo." Minhae said happily. She was thoroughly pleased that Baekhyun defended her. You shook your head, again it wasn't like you could deny your little princess anything. "Alright fine Xing Xing can eat with us," You turned to talk to the stuffed animal playing along with her imagination. "But you better clean up after yourself mister." "Mommy he doesn't understand you." she said. "Here let me translate." Baekhyun said. He proceeded to make vast amounts of strange noises towards the bear. You burst out laughing, Minhae laughed with you. "Is there anything else you'd like him to know Y/N?" You were laughing so hard you could barely breathe you only shook your head no and waved for them to sit down to eat. "How old is Xing Xing, Minhae?" Baekhyun asked. "He's four hundred years old, Uncle Chen Chen gave him to me. He has so stories." Minhae said mouth half full and food stuck to her face. "Baby what did I tell you, no talking with your mouth full okay?" you said. She nodded, Baekhyun beat you to the punch when he went to wipe her face with a napkin. You looked at him with a small smile. "So does Uncle Chen Chen get Minhae a lot of gifts?" Baekhyun said now focusing on you. "He bought Xing Xing for her before she was born. He named it after Yixing because he's the one that picked it out. He's only bought her three other stuffed animals and that was for her birthday." you explained. "So Jongdae was there for you while you were pregnant with her." he said slightly disheartened. You inhaled and looked down at your food. "Yeah." You wanted to say more like Jongdae didn't care that he had fame. He was there for you by his own choice. Jongdae had done alot for you while Baekhyun was doing tours. He comforted you when you cried. He took you to the hospital that one night you started having weird complications with your pregnancy. You were terrified you were going to lose the baby. He took you back when you thought you were going through earlier labor which turned out to be Braxton Hicks contractions. He bought you books on childhood development; he calmed you down when you were freaking out about how to raise a child on your own. He was being a friend, he just wanted you to be healthy and happy. He wanted Minhae to be healthy and happy he did everything in his power to support you. He spent the past five years asking you to tell Baekhyun about her, reminding you that as her father he deserved to know. He understood that he was a flight risk but he really thought Baekhyun deserved the chance to make that choice. You were just too scared that if you gave him the choice, eventually he'd just run off when things got tough again. You weren't in love with Jongdae or anything, you weren't even asking him to do half the things he did for you and Minhae but you trusted him. You confided in him and when things got tough you came to him for help or advice that is if you weren't calling your mother over the phone to break down in tears about how life was so stressful and you didn't know how she raised five boys and you on her own. Yes five boys, you had five brothers two of which lived somewhere in Seoul but you hadn't spoken to them in two years. They were either too busy to talk or to lazy to call. The other three were married and spread out across South Korea too far for you to visit but you supposed close enough to remember you even had brothers. You never came to them about boy troubles, you weren't even sure if any of them knew you had a kid. Then again you told your mother so she probably blabbed to them even when you asked her not to. Jongdae was the one you counted on because he was close and he stuck around when he didn't have to, he did more for Minhae then he had to. He baby sat her when you went to a second interview for a different job that paid more, he went with you to the hospital when she was only eight months old and ran a one hundred and two fever, that was the scariest thing you ever endured in your life. Your mom told you, you did the same thing to her when you were a baby. She had the most problems with you during her whole pregnancy and the first year you were born. You got fever after fever, you were born a month early. You and her laughed at it now of course but back then it wasn't funny in the least. Your mind dived so deep into memories you forgot where you were. Minhae was calling your name and you hadn't heard a sound. It took Baekhyun grabbing your shoulder to snap you out of it. "Can Baekie stay the night?" she asked. "Um no baby, Baekhyun had to work tomorrow." "Uncle Chen Chen stays when he has work." Minhae pouted. "Maybe he can stay another night but not tonight okay. Now go clean yourself up and go to bed you have school tomorrow Missy and you and Xing Xing can not stay up all night." you said poking her nose. "You have to sing to me." she said. You nodded, "I know but I have to clean up and it's late can you sleep without one tonight?" Minhae pouted and grabbed her bear, "I'll sing to you Minhae." Baekhyun offered. He picked her up and headed to her room. You picked up the dishes not wanting to argue about it. Baekhyun had a much better voice than you, you weren't terrible but a lullaby by an idol must be better than anything else. You cleared the table and rinsed the dishes off before placing them in the dish washer. You walked to her room and leaned against the door frame. You watched as her little eyes closed listening to him sing to her. His voice was almost angelic, if you remembered correctly he was singing Baby don't cry. You heard it once or twice, you tried not to like it but you did. She was falling asleep so you walked back to the kitchen and wiped down the counter. Why did you let him see her? She got attached very quickly and you knew she liked him because they looked alike. You didn't have the heart to tell Baekhyun she'd just get up in the middle of the night to sleep next to you. He really enjoyed singing her to sleep. You were going out of your mind, if he walked out of her life you would never forgive him. She didn't even know he was her father but they just got along so well in a matter of hours. She was a happy child and so welcoming and accepting of people it was going to happen anyway. You should have known that from the moment you let him walk through the door. Still you couldn't help but have silent tears fall from your eyes, your breathing uneven because you were freaking out. A hand slowly snaked around your waist then another followed and you felt his chin rest on your shoulder. "She's asleep." he whispered. You just nodded not trusting your voice to give you away, but he already knew, "Why are you crying?" he asked. You wiped your face and shrugged him off of you. "I'm not crying." you said. He chuckled and turned you around. Tears were still falling and this time it was more than just the fact that you were afraid he'd leave her. You missed him, you didn't want him leaving you again too. You hated that he could make you feel this way, just the very sight of his face could change your mood in seconds. He gently wiped them away and you placed your hands on his shoulders, "Don't. Leave. Her." you emphasized every word. "I won't." "I mean it Baekhyun she knows you now, you can't leave her. You can't come in here and pretend to care about her and just walk out when things gets tough you can not leave her." "I'll never leave her." he said softly. "Promise." your voice cracked. You were still crying lightly but the sound of your own voice was threatening to make you fall apart. He was still holding you close to him, his hand cupping your cheek looking at you with that sweet kitten smile. He probably liked that you were crying for him. God knows he knew every reason why you shed a tear especially when you cried for him. "I promise I'll never leave our daughter. Minhae will never have to wonder where I am I will always be there for her. I'm not going anywhere. I love you both." He pressed his lips to your forehead, you could only hope with all your heart his psycho fans wouldn't scare him away. However, they were starting to worry you. If one of them even so much as threatened your daughter you'd raise hell. Baekhyun pulled away, "I have to get back to the dorm, my manager has already called twice and I've ignored him both times." "You should go. I have to get ready for work tomorrow anyway." you nodded. "Minhae said her birthday was May 14th. She asked me to come to her birthday party." You got nervous for a second, with all the parents there you'd have to explain something. At least half of the moms that were bringing their kids, you knew were fans of his. You didn't want to go through that, "I told her I couldn't make it. Don't get me wrong I want to go but I have a concert that day I won't even be in South Korea so I promised her instead that I'd bring her a gift back from Beijing." he finished. "You don't have to do that." you said. "One gift doesn't compare to the birthdays and holidays I've missed. It's even less compared to how many nights I've missed of her waking up in the middle of the night crying, diaper changes, buying school supplies, doctors appointments. Everything you've done for our little girl that I haven't been there for is far more than one gift can do but it's where I can start. So please don't make a big deal about it." The way he kept saying our daughter sent a tingle through your body. You had stopped crying and didn't even realize it. You just nodded with your arms crossed and told him goodnight. You were headed for the kitchen when he stopped you. His hand to your stomach. He dipped his head down and caught your lips. Slowly he kissed you, sweet enough to capture you completely. When he pulled away, you partly wanted him to continue, you wanted him to stay. You kept your mouth shut instead, licking your lips slightly before saying, "Goodnight Baekhyun." once again. "Goodnight. I left my number on the table if you need anything from me." You nodded and walked into your room closing the door behind you. 'Don't fall back in love with him. Let him be a her father but don't you dare fall back in love with him.' You kept chanting it in your head. It wouldn't matter though, you never fell out of love with him. You still very much loved Byun Baekhyun because he was everything to you. He was the father of your daughter, your whole world. A few days later, you dropped off Minhae at school like normal. You would pick her up later and bring her to work with you where she would sit in your office running around playing with her toys right after toy made her do her homework of course. You didn't want to hire a nanny and you wanted to keep an eye on her at all times if possible. However, today you got stuck behind at work and you wouldn't be able to pick her up on time. She had called you from the school and you took the call but you couldn't leave. "Okay baby give me a second I'll call Jongdae and see if he can bring you here." You kept her on the office line as you called Jongdae on your cell but he didn't answer. You sighed, he was probably recording and turned off his phone. You had one last choice to get her and you really didn't want to call him. You sighed and dialed the number that was left on your kitchen table a few nights ago. "Baekhyun-do you think you could do me a favor." you asked hesitantly. "What is it?" "Minhae is stuck at school and I can't get out of the office to pick her up. Jongdae isn't answering his phone c-could you...maybe pick her up for me and bring her to my job?" you said nervous. You heard a slight chuckle on the phone. "Sure text me the address I'll leave right now." "Baekhyun, you'll bring her straight here?" "Yes ma'am." he said. "...Thank you." you said in a low whisper. He just laughed again, you picked up your office phone and told Minhae to put her teacher on the phone. "Is Minhae close enough to hear us?" you asked. "No." she said. "Okay, I'm sending her father to pick her up. His name is Byun Baekhyun." "The singer?" she said confused. You sighed of course she'd know him too. You groaned a little, "Yeah, listen Minhae doesn't know he's her father she just thinks he's a friend of mine so please just tell her Baekhyun is coming to get her. Do not tell her that her father is picking her up." you said. "Understood." she said. You thanked her and said goodbye to Minhae before you had to go back to the office meeting. You had to apologize for the delay; your boss excused you knowing what it was like to have children himself. Baekhyun's POV He was happy she called him to pick up Minhae. He didn't realize that Jongdae was her go to guy to pick her up as well though; he shouldn't have been too surprised. He was there for her when she was pregnant. Minhae referred to him as Uncle Chen Chen but he still wondered was there something between them at one point. Minhae liked him alot and he was sure Y/N picked up on the fact that he was jealous his friend and coworker not only knew about his daughter for five years but also took care of her and the woman he loved for those said five years. Jongdae swore there was nothing between the two of them. He had a sister that had gone through a pregnancy on her own as well so he just wanted to help. He knew how hard it was for single moms. Of course Y/N made the choice to be a single parent. He supposed that if he was childish enough to walk away from the relationship in the first place there was a slight chance he still wouldn't have been a father to her had she told him a year after she was born or even two years. He was five years older now and much more mature and as much as he'd like to swear that he would stayed for Minhae he couldn't have been absolutely certain that he wouldn't have still made the choice to stay away from her for her own safety. Now he can't imagine not being around her. He'd spent one day with her and not even a full twenty four hours and he was just beaming the next. He got to kiss Y/N again, a feeling he missed having; it was like she gave him the fix he needed. Spending time with their daughter was amazing, hearing them both laugh, it was like they were a complete family. He could hear it in her voice though, she really didn't want to have to ask him to pick her up. It had more to do with her issue with him then her not wanting to bother him at work. He knew he wasn't going to get back with her in a day but it still kind of hurt that she would be more willing to go to Jongdae first rather than him. He arrived at the school building moving quickly inside. He had his mask up and took it down once he got in. He made his way inside the main office to check in as per Y/N's instructions on her text. Once he walked in she saw him and ran over, "Baekie!" she said. She grabbed onto his leg to hug him and he laughed and picked her up, "Hey kid how's it going?" "Where's mommy?" she said skipping the question. "She's still at work she couldn't come and pick you up squirt I'm sorry about that but I'll take you to her right away okay." She nodded, she stared at him. Her tiny finger poking at his lips again. He laughed lightly pressing his lips together as if to munch on her finger. She pulled it back laughing. She looked just like him but she had that thousand yard stare like Y/N. She stared at his face back at the coffee shop too he wondered why. She wrapped her arms around his neck and turned to her teacher. "Can I give Baekie a present for father's day too?" The teacher had been staring at him since he walked in but when Minhae asked that she got nervous and stumbled over her words. "Well uh um I-I think you should ask your m-mother that but I'm sure he w-wouldn't mind receiving a gift from you sweetie." she said. "Who's the other person you're getting a father's day gift for?" Baekhyun asked poking her tummy lightly. "Uncle Chen Chen. Eomma said I could cause there's no Uncle's day." she smiled. He chuckled, that stung a bit though, Jongdae was really in her life like that. He sighed and grabbed her backpack from her teacher and they walked off, he strapped her in the backseat right in the middle making sure she was in carefully and tight. He didn't have a booster seat for her. He didn't know what to do. He drove slower than normal and very carefully. He pulled up to Y/N's job with a sigh of relief that nothing happened. Next time he'd have to use his brain and ask her where she kept her booster seat. She probably didn't drive her around alot but he was sure she owned one. He walked into the building asking for her and the receptionist gave him directions to her office. He had been holding her the entire way to her office and when he arrived she was standing outside her office door with her arms crossed. She kind of looked out of it, that same thousand yard stare Minhae had earlier. "Mommy!" she yelled. Y/N snapped out of it and smiled when she saw her. Baekhyun put her down on the ground and she ran over to her. Y/N knelt down and gave her a hug, rubbing her back at the same time. She looked like she was about to smush the child. She pulled back and said, "Hi Minnie did you have fun at school today?" She nodded, "I drew a unicorn!" "Wow a Unicorn! Wait till Yixing hears that." Y/N equally as enthusiastic. Minhae laughed, Y/N placed a hand on her head before she stood up. By this time Baekhyun had snuck up a little closer to them. "Uh listen sweetie why don't you go in and take a seat, you can get started on your homework." She nodded and ran inside, something that seemed routine to her. Y/N half closed the door and walked around Baekhyun. She had her arms crossed again, she looked very business like. "Um, listen... Thanks for picking her up I really appreciate it." she said. "Of course." She just looked at him awkwardly and then shrugged and started to head for her office. Baekhyun stopped her, "Minhae asked her teacher today if she could make me a father's day present along with Jongdae." She took in a surprised breath. She looked uncomfortable about that information. She looked away from him and said, "I'll talk to her about that." "Have you and Jongdae been seeing each other that much?" he asked. "Wait what are you implying?" she said offended. "It just seems like Jongdae has been around Minhae a lot for her to think of him like that. That's a lot to do for a friend." "If I say that we're just friends than that's what I mean. Look, Baekhyun I'm not about to have this argument with you especially not with my daughter in the next room." "Our daughter." he corrected. Her breath hitched slightly, she bit her lip for a second and then said, "Watch it, the door is still open. Now look, me and you aren't together-" "I know that." "We weren't together when I found out I was pregnant." "I know that too." "Jongdae was there for me but only as a friend. He's never admitted to having feelings for me and I've never had feelings for him aside from loving him as my friend and Minhae's God father. That's why I told her she could make him a father's day present." "He's her God father?" he asked "Yeah and so is Yixing. Look Baekhyun if this bothers you then next time don't leave." she said annoyed at him now. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you upset, I just don't know how to handle someone else taking care of her when I could've all this time had someone just told me. Jongdae knew and he didn't tell me." "Because Baekhyun you weren't supposed to know. If you hadn't seen me in that coffee shop a few days ago you still wouldn't have known. You would've been getting ready for concerts like normal and making music and doing interviews, not wondering about who she wants to call daddy. You wanted to leave so I let you even when I wanted to beg you to stay, I loved you and you left. The life you say you're missing out on is because you left. I understand your trying now and thank you for doing so but had you never known about her you would still be living your glamorous idol life living happily ever after." "Do you really think for these past five years I've been that happy? Y/N the hardest decision I've ever had to make isn't what sparkly jacket I should wear to my next concert it was leaving you to make sure no one hurt you. It was leaving you because of the fear that one day you wouldn't say that their crazy words didn't matter anymore, you'd say it's just too much. I loved you, I still do." "Okay well let me ask you this: what happens when fans find out that you have a five year old daughter with a nobody? What happens when they start saying you can do better, she's not even cute, she's just a whore looking for attention. What happens when they start threatening my life again or even worse your daughter's? What the hell do you do then Baekhyun, do you walk away? Again? You promised you wouldn't but you're still a flight risk. If you leave her I swear Baekhyun you will never see her again." she said emphasizing the last part. "You're not a nobody to me you're so much more and so is she. I'd quit being an idol the moment they threatened her. No way in hell am I letting anyone touch her or you. Do you understand me?" he said becoming serious. She didn't answer so he trapped her against the wall, "Do you understand me Y/N?" She looked back at him, her features getting softer but she was still upset at him. "We'll see. Thank you for picking her up." she said. He nodded before kissing her again. She always melted into his kiss even when she was upset at him. When he pulled away, she let her bottom lip slip between her teeth. She looked down catching her breath, her face slightly red. He moved away from her and turned to leave and muttered, "I love you."
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