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Where do I start with this man... Wait I know...
Where do I start?? Hmm.. You are rude Boii!!!!!!!!!!!! You ruin my life! You are the reason why I have such a damn long bias list.. I am trying to be faithful you know damnit -_-
But as much as you ruin my life... I love you too much to stay mad at you :D
I love his raps they are amazing and the sound of angels to my ears <3
I know this wasn't the best but there will be more on the way <3
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He is my bias lol Omg He is so damm Hot❣🔥🔥😍A-TOM
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@LisetteZapata Control your bias please xD I'm trying to be loyal to B-Joo and Sangdo xD
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yeah I like B-Joo too lol ❣❣❣@MrsJungHoseok
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