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When I was in the first grade, I was the Cootie Queen of my class. Mostly because kids are mean, but also because I have a lifelong legacy of being the loudest person in the room on every given occasion. But hey, at least I never had THESE kinds of cooties.

Did your elementary school run rampant with cooties too? Were you the infector or the infected?

And most importantly, does circle-circle-dot-dot actually DO anything?
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@buddyesd T____T
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@danidee 馃槯馃槤馃槚馃槴馃槱馃樀馃槪馃槾
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@danidee I know馃槩 A whole year of neglect and sore throats
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@buddyesd That was a good combination of emojis.
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@YumiMiyazaki Did you get sick a lot? What kind of kid were you?
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