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Kissing Game💋

So @Watermage tagged me in a pretty nice nose-bleeding worthy game xD The Kissing Game!!

Click here for the Original Card! (There is no specific order BUT I felt that numbers were needed for some reason xD)

TuT It was tough... but my Top Ten Anime Hotties that I would Love to give a smooch are!.. xD

1.) Sakamoto-Kun!❤

Anime : Sakamoto Desu Ga

2.) Masato Hijirikawa!❤

Anime : Uta Prince No Sama

3.) Gareki!❤

Anime : Karneval

4.) Guren Ichinose!❤

Anime : Owari No Seraph

5.) Yamato Kurosawa!❤

Anime : Say I love You

6.) Freed Justine!❤

Anime : Fairy Tail

7.) Yogi!❤

Anime : Karneval

8.) Sebastian Michaelis!❤

Anime : Black Butler

9.) Mabuchi Kou!❤

Anime : Blue Spring Ride

10.) Jellal Fernandez!❤

Anime : Fairy Tail


I'd love to smooch Yamato... Especially wearing those glasses 😍
😂If you kiss Jellal aka Jelly you have to kiss Erza after. Kagura's rules. 😂😂😂
:3 smexy style and im too lazy for this :D
@MissHitachiin Hell yea😎💋
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