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Parasect is actually two Pokemon, consisting of the crab and the mushroom. The mushroom portion is controlling the crab as a parasite though, meaning that the parasect is an empty host shell for the mushroom, leaving it completely will-less and surrendered to the funghi. There are actually quite a number of 'zombiefying' mushrooms, as scary as it sounds. One example is Cordyceps unilateralis, which infects a particular species of ant, Camponotus leonardi. The fungus spreads through its host, but doesn't kill it straight away. It restricts itself to consuming the ant's non-vital tissues, until the time comes to release spores. At this point, it spreads into the ant's brain and alters the creature's perception. The ant is compelled to climb to the top of a tall stalk, and clamp on with its jaws. The fungus then finally kills its host, leaving it frozen in position. When the fruiting body emerges, the ant will have taken it into a prime position to release spores... and spread them to as many other ants as possible. Urgh... scary...
My kids love Pokemon and so do I actually!
@minjaeturtles oh yeah, I know, I didn't mean the original meaning of the word intelligence, just I was wondering how the mushroom makes all of these intelligent decisions, can instinct really be the answer to this? It seems too complex to be simply instinct... I dunno :O
@PiuPiuPENGUIN well, I think I already know the answer lol it's not really intelligence, but just "instinct" (dunno if that's the right word for it haha). intelligence indicates a degree of consciousness and intent, neither of which the mushroom has (in the traditional sense)
@minjaeturtles yeah, I wonder how the mushroom controlled the ant to climb up and how it decided to spare the vital organs.... Do mushrooms have intelligence? That would be a great did you know card :D
That ant mushroom thing is really creepy