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They finally released the beautiful song from the lap pillow moment between Subaru and Emilia!!! This video isn't really spoilers or anything, but its from the series Re:Zero if you haven't been watching it.

"It's been rough, hasn't it?"

I love Rem, but this remains to be part of the reason why EMT is still my #1 gal for Subaru. I love Rem for him as a friend & supporter, but I don't think they're right together!
The name of the song is 「ぼうやの夢よ」"Bouya no Yume yo", Dreams of a Boy.
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@AndrewWenstad. I know right I ship rem too fucking Subaru 😭
a year ago·Reply
@AndrewWenstad i don tthink he's meant for rem though XD rem deserves someone....better lololol
a year ago·Reply
@hikaymm That's true... subaru needs to get his act together fast
a year ago·Reply
but i can't fully blame him, i mean i'd go crazy in his conditions too
a year ago·Reply
@AndrewWenstad yeahhhh same XD
a year ago·Reply