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Hiya guys! I've decided that since I missed last week for a party that I'll just do them all now so *skips boring speech* here is my Veenom (very interesting story..... Not really I was fangirling over Seventeen and trying to say Vernon looked good but no auto correct said Veenom so that's his name now.....)appreciation post.
I'm not gonna be honest (and I as a carat am very VERY ASHAMED TO SAY THIS)but when I first got into Seventeen (last year.) I didn't really like Vernon. I thought he was given too much attention because my bias was ONLY. Seungkwan at the time and I was all like WHY YOU NO LOVE SEUNGKWAN Y U ONLY LUV VEENOM!!! But of course like three months later I started to feel things for Veenom and I was like OMF HIS SMILE AND LAUGH IS AMAZING AND HIS DANCING IS JUST UGH *dies* and I eventually got into looking more at Veenom and he is the SWEETEST LITTLE CUPCAKE EVER!!!! HE IS TOO SWEET LIKE HE TREATS EVERY SINGLE PERSON WITH SO MUCH KINDNESS ITS UNREAL. LET ME TELL YOU IF THE WORLD WAS FULL OF PEOPLE LIKE VEENOM IT WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE. THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE PEOPLE LIKE VEENOM PLEASE DON'T SLEEP ON HIM. DON'T BE LIKE JASMYN!!! PLEASE LOVE AND APPRECIATE HAND SOAP (also hansol was corrected to handsoap so like I went with it...) BECAUSE HE DESERVES TO BE LOVED!!!!
I thought you should appreciate handsoaps voice and his dancing anD EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM BECAUSE HE'S AMAZING AND I AM CRYING
OK guys this was the first of three and I know I'm really late but I'm drowning in summer homework for English and calculus (which is a college course two years above my grade level because I'm a smol child who's still in high school taking college courses because my parents only care about grades and they don't care unless they're bad which would be a minuses and B pluses...) and on top of that I have to get up (if I even go to sleep.) in less than six hours to go take my college entrance exams and then do my English homework because my high school starts up in a week and I'm so exhausted but I can't sleep....but I'll try better to be a good mod supporter guys AND ALSO VERKWAN FOR LIFEU!!!!
omg same I thought of Vernon the same way
and now πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Tag me in the other please 😘